Butter Bells - Are there any big ones?

I purchased a butter bell and love how it keeps the butter spreadable and fresh but it only holds "1 stick" of butter - about 113g. If I am doing breakfast for everyone then this is not enough butter. I have googled but it seems they are all made to hold the same amount. Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can get one that holds at least 250g of butter or, preferably a whole block (500g). Thanks

Chef_ace441, Feb 22, 5:35 am

we have started eating butter again, and have relised our butter condition stopped working. So very interested in what other people do. At the moment I am just chopping enough butter off for a day and popping it into a container and putting it into the cupboard. so off now to have a look at a butter bell

Chef_slimgym, Feb 22, 4:06 pm

850419977 try this

Chef_slimgym, Feb 22, 4:15 pm

I googled it having never heard of the butter bell. It appears there is only the one size, and at between $45 - $75 to only hold that amount you would need four. $200 to keep a block of butter soft is well out of my price range! It looks to be a great product but I would be doing the same as slimgym. I'd be too scared to use them in case the kids dropped them!

Chef_jenben1, Feb 22, 6:22 pm

I keep the butter at room temperature in a frigoverre container which takes a 500 gm block nicely. The heavy glass of it keeps the temperature even.

Chef_jhan, Feb 22, 6:34 pm

Could you please tell me where you bought it from?

Chef_griffo4, Feb 22, 9:51 pm

Sorry, I can't remember where I purchased it. I normally shop at all the usual shops, Farmers, etc., no where special. Sometimes they are for sale here on TM.

Chef_jhan, Feb 22, 10:37 pm

Thank you l will keep an eye out for them

Chef_griffo4, Feb 23, 12:51 am

You'll find quite a selection for sale on Amazon, it's also possible to make your own utilizing the right size containers (but the bought ones do look nicer of course). If searching try various names such as butter bell, butter crock, french butter dish. All else failing seek out a potter and tell them what you want and ask for a quote on making you one.

Chef_sampa, Feb 23, 1:55 am

jhan found them in M10 Mega today and got 2 sizes one that is a rectangle one that fits a 500g butter so will try it
Do you sit your dish in water to keep cool or just the thickness of the glass do the trick?

Chef_griffo4, Feb 24, 6:32 am

Glass will warm up (heaps!) so I am picking this will not work and am surprised they are made of this?

Chef_awoftam, Feb 24, 6:40 am

Glass does warm up slowly, this is thick glass. We've kept our butter on the bench in this glass container all year, including our hot summer. It's just fine. I tried all kinds of containers and like the OP said, the butter bells were just too small for a family, pretty though.

Chef_jhan, Feb 24, 9:05 am

jhan so far it is working well in our overheated kitchen butter is spreadable but not melting, unlike me, lol

Chef_griffo4, Jan 29, 9:45 am