Curry leaves

where does one get these from? i have looked online cant find anything

Chef_sunnyflower, Mar 15, 11:55 pm

Asian food supply places usually have them dried but you may have to ask as a lot of their stuff is not always labeled in English.

Chef_sampa, Mar 16, 12:11 am

Mainly so you can see what you're looking out for, the delivery fee to your area would be a bit of a killer unless you wanted other goods as well to make it more worth while.

Chef_sampa, Mar 16, 12:14 am

I have a curry plant in my garden. Easy to grow.

Chef_rockie6, Mar 16, 12:35 am

Sampa you are a diamond thank you so much xx

Chef_sunnyflower, Mar 16, 1:27 am

I buy a bag of fresh Curry Leaves (these come from Fiji) from an Indian owned Fruit and Veg Shop (usually $1)
Use what I need fresh then seal up the bag and freeze. Probably use it once a fortnight and it lasts about 6 months. No noticeable flavour difference between the fresh or frozen. Curry leaves impart a unique flavour

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Mar 16, 2:40 am

You can just let them dry out too and crumble them into the meal you need them for. I use them for a sambhar masala I make with lentils and they are fine like that.

Chef_hesian, Mar 16, 3:23 am

Any Asian grocery will have them, not sure if there is one in your area. I buy them fresh for around $1.20 a bag and keep them in the freezer. Definitely worth buying them as they impart a great flavour into your dishes. Have a look in Pak & Save as I've seen them in our local store. They are usually where the salad leaves & sprouts are in the vege deparment. Also sometimes, Binn Inn have dried ones too, you could try your local one in Kapiti Rd Paraparaumu.

Chef_nauru, Mar 16, 6:07 am

Moshims Wgtn

Chef_twindizzy, Mar 16, 6:27 am

thank you all xx

Chef_sunnyflower, Dec 21, 4:50 pm