Green grocer vs saturday markets vs super markets

lyndiloo, Feb 10, 4:11am
Hi all,

Just wondering where people find the best deals for their veges. We are looking at changing our spending habits. Currently a vege garden is not an option, not even in pots. Do you make the effort to go to a Saturday market? or go to a green grocer specifically for veges and fruit? Do you notice a price difference between a grocer and just including in normal supermarket shop?

Looking forward to hearing what people choose to do/ have discovered.


buzzy110, Feb 10, 4:21am
What part of NZ do you live? That could make a difference.

lyndiloo, Feb 10, 4:29am

We are venturing to it's Saturday market this weekend.

gilligee, Feb 10, 5:41am
Try them all out and make your own decision based on your experiences.

buzzy110, Feb 10, 5:48am
Personally I have found that unless it is a Farmer's market, the fruit and vegetables are no better than in a fruit shop. In Auckland we have a greengrocer chain called Fruit World. Mostly they are owned and operated by Asians who absolutely know that the fresher the produce the better.

I have found that greengrocers at markets are usually shops that bring their goods to the market and are no fresher but I do not know about Porirua.

Good luck with your market visit.

davidt4, Feb 10, 6:49am
In Auckland the cheapest fruit and veges are in the big Chinese food markets, but the quality can be patchy. I endorse Buzzy's recommendation of the Fruit World chain if they exist in your town.

I have always found prices at weekend markets to be high.

anne1955, Feb 10, 7:23am
For me we have farmer's markets weekly and many local markets in I guess one might say outer markets. be then within 15kms away nothing to North Islanders we also have a place called Vegie Boys not sure if they are NZ wide. It's a case of time against money. I make lots of things for others. Jams, pickles etc. And yes our vegie boys maybe slightly cheaper but time needed to sort through bins can "note can" be time consuming to find top quality goods. And because maybe of location one of our major supermarket's is often a better bet. "I" find out local farmers market on Saturday's is a bit over priced, but in saying that great quality fact top quality. But that fine for small purchases. So I tend to look for mark downs and specials at supermarket and a goo little Asian place. :)

westsa, Feb 10, 9:17am
Farmers market for me - yes a little more pricey but they are fresh and last much longer. You are also then eating food in season and not stuff that has been cool stored.

tehenga288, Feb 10, 9:52am
I do a mix of Fruit World s/mkt and other mkts and as gilligee said try them out and find what's best for you. Here in Auckland I think the Avondale mkt is still pretty good value and there is a good variety and the smaller mid week Sandringham mkts are good too.

lythande1, Feb 10, 6:44pm
For instance - a few weeks ago now: Pak N Save cherries, $13.99. Small local vege shop - $8.99, but when I went in he had some for $6.99.
They are always cheaper. prices vary a bit depending on which one. I find the chain vege shops more expensive.
Farmers markets? Overpriced.

twindizzy, Feb 10, 7:05pm
Unfortunately now a lot of the time supermarkets match vege markets pricewise (maybe not quality wise though).

There are a couple of fruit shops out Porirua East :)

clareo, Feb 10, 7:23pm
We normally shop at a Sunday market in Wellington - enormous difference in prices between what they sell produce at and what a supermarket charges - ie potatoes about $2.99 per kg at a supermarket - they are $1.50 at the market, apples generally about $2.99 at the market and about $4.99 at the supermarket. But I guess it depends on where you live like others have stated.

raloki, Feb 10, 7:37pm
I go to the local farmers market on a saturday and get what vege and fruit I can from the organic farm stand. More expensive, but as said above lasts longer and the taste is so different compared to supermarket stuff. I don't mind paying extra for something I know has just been harvested. There is also another vege seller there, not organic that I use as second choice, then supermarket. Have been putting in some of our own fruit trees, vege and herbs over the last couple of years in pots, so that will help too, as you can't beat going out and picking it fresh. I also have lovely friends and family who give me vege plants and vege and fruit now and again from their excess, and I do the same for them if I have a glut.

kay141, Feb 10, 7:46pm
I go to the local market on a Saturday. It is not a Farmers market, nor is it organic, but the sellers of vegetables are mainly the growers themselves. Produce is much cheaper than the supermarket, no middle man, and is fresher as it is only picked on the Friday. I get vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, meat and fish there. We do not have a lot of greengrocers left in the Hutt. They have gone the way of the butchers.

lyndiloo, Feb 10, 7:47pm
Sounds like it's worth skipping the super market for fruit n vege and venturing elsewhere. Forgot that supermarkets store food in the chillers. Will give markets a go this week and a green grocer next week.
Thanks for the feedback.

kay141, Feb 10, 7:54pm
I have only heard good things about the Porirua market. That's the one on Saturdays in Cobham Court. I would love to go but it is a bit out of the way for my chauffeur.

draven111, Feb 12, 3:21am
Definintely get out to those markets! I always head to the Newtown market on Saturdays, rain or shine. I don't eat a lot of fruit - and it's not often cheaper, but veges are way cheaper than at the supermarket. I can't understand how anyone would go to the supermarket if they have markets nearby.
AND it's FRESH !

petal1955, Feb 12, 3:53am
Try the Riverside Markets at the Hutt River Bank on Sat mornings 6am till 2pm. worth a look

kay141, Feb 12, 4:18am
it's 8am till 2pm.

lyndiloo, Mar 1, 1:51am
Had success at the Porirua markets today at cobham court. Much smaller than the riverside markets in the Hutt but managed to get all our fruit and vege for the week ( 2 adults) for $12. Plums, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, capsicums plus a few other things. Did find that I had to search through the bins as this week a lot of the produce was on the quite ripe side. Could just be the week for it. Will defo be going back. How did everyone else get on?

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