School camp food quantities

lonicera, Jan 29, 5:55am
May I have some advice, please?
I am buying and cooking for an overnight school camp and am stuck on quantities for buying. I need to provide dinner, breakfast and lunch for 65 11year olds, about 30 17 - 18 year olds and maybe 10 adults. Breakfast is straight forward as is lunch, but dinner is to be cottage pie, a vegetarian pasta bake, salad veggies and then dessert. As already stated, I am stuck on quantities to buy, apart from the obvious things like weetbix, toast, bread rolls, milk and so forth.
All suggestions will be gratefully received!

lilyfield, Jan 29, 6:21am
Multiply your family meals. If you are usually cooking for 4, multiply by 30 to get 120 meals, etc

lulu239, Jan 29, 7:29pm
No help for you but an aside.
On a school camp years ago my son offered me to make caramel sago (a dish that he loved) for 60 odd!. I was ages tending that massive pot, stirring to make sure it all didn't stick to the bottom. It turned out well and they loved it but I made sure that I was around when he next volunteered my services!

ahaaaaa, Jan 30, 1:26pm
This has quantities for 100

first link that came up googling 'bulk cooking quantities'.

lonicera, Apr 11, 8:56am
Thank you for your help and advice.