Freezing beans

john946, Jan 20, 10:31pm
I'm going to freeze some young green & butter beans (using the food sealer method which sucks the air out & seals the bags). I was going to leave them whole - it is best to top/tail, and do you have to blanch first? Thanks, C

lilyfield, Jan 21, 1:45am
i blanch but leave them whole

beaker59, Jan 24, 8:56pm
I cut mine up as I would use them then I can put them in the pot frozen just easier no difference either way I would have thought.

eljayv, Jan 25, 3:28am
Me too blanch then ice water.

gardner12, Apr 3, 10:05am
blanch first I do mine cut not whole, then just need to put into boiling water from froze for a few minutes

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