Beef Cheek Casserole

nzpcltd, Apr 20, 9:10pm
Cooking Gurus. would I spoil the flavour if I add Gravy Beef to a Beef Cheek casserole If I dont have loads of Beef Cheeks. I have high expectations for this dish and dont want to ruin it :)

lilyfield, Apr 20, 9:33pm
how can it spoil the flavour- you are adding more beef, not mutton or goat

davidt4, Apr 20, 9:34pm
Gravy beef will be fine, whether it's shin or shoulder. It will take the same length of time to cook and the only difference is that it is slightly less flavoursome and gelatinous. Just make sure that you cook the meat long and slow.

beaker59, Apr 21, 3:59am
A little beef cheek goes a long way as they are quite rich. A hint is add a few crushed juniper berries :)

nzpcltd, Apr 21, 6:16am
Thanks Beaker I will remember that for next time and you are right . I didnt add extra meat and it wasnt needed. it was beautiful even if I do say so myself

beaker59, Apr 21, 8:33am
Awesome, cheeks are a favourite of mine too cooked properly they have a gorgeous though rich texture and rather than add extra meat they go well with extra veg cooked in like carrots kumara pumpkin or butternut etc etc.

unknowndisorder, Apr 21, 9:02am
If you don't like gin, chances are you won't like the juniper berries (I'll never use them again and threw them out).

beaker59, Sep 24, 12:56am
I find that Juniper berries are not so great if you use too many however a few so you can barely taste them really cut the richness of dishes like this and bring out the flavours. If you use too much yes you get that resinous gin flavor which isn't great even to a gin drinker.

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