Hmm Celery plan B

jenben1, Jan 23, 9:08pm
I planted heaps of celery for the first time this year as I love celery and carrot juice. Went to juice and my old second hand juicer blew! Now what do I do with it. I'm the only one in the family that will eat it fresh in salads. Am thinking of pureeing and freezing for winter soups and stews, any suggestions "O Knowledgeable Ones"?

245sam, Jan 23, 9:55pm
A new juicer? Briscoes are having a sale! (surprised?) - today 60% off Super Deals, 30% off everything else, or maybe another second hand juicer from TM. :-))

Edited to add. Alternatively, although I haven't personally done so, I'm sure I have read that others here on the Recipes MB do successfully freeze celery all ready chopped for soups and stews, etc. :-))

pickles7, Jan 23, 9:57pm
buy another juicer .

rainrain1, Jan 23, 10:01pm
I just chop it and freeze it, it is great for soups, sauces etc.

lilyfield, Jan 24, 5:31am

Ditto , including the leafs

jenben1, Jan 24, 5:34am
So no need to blanch first?

rainrain1, Jan 24, 6:01am
No, I never blanch it, I used to waste so much when I bought a bunch, then read on here to chop and freeze. so glad I came across that idea, as it freezes great, and well worth a try anyway

roys351, Jan 24, 6:21am
this is what I do, I also freeze my beans and zucchini straight from the plant

jenben1, Apr 24, 5:19pm
Thanks all :)

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