Favourite Chocolate chip recipes please

kknickers, Oct 9, 10:29pm
Ideas Please, alcohol free, hoping to make one tomorrow for the 1st time, hints and tips much appreciated.

kknickers, Oct 9, 10:30pm
whoops chocolate chip log recipe :)

nauru, Oct 9, 11:51pm
I made some lovely Banana Choc chip muffins this morning, no added sugar. The recipe was in this months Healthy Food Guide.

nonsta, Oct 11, 3:17am

dodgy76, Oct 11, 4:08am
I use the Edmonds peanut brownie recipe, for my choc chip biscuits, leave out the cocoa add 1 cup choc chips instead, double the mixture makes about 60 biscuits, great for freezing as well

glasshalfull, Aug 31, 10:08am
This was my Grandmas recipe and a favorite with everyone.
Cream 250 gm butter and 57 gm sugar. Add 2 tablespooms condensed milk, then 170 gm flour. 1 tablespoon baking powder and chocolate chips. Spoon onto tray and push down with a fork.
Bake a 180 c until brown 20 mins-1/2 hour.

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