I need a simple chocolate chip cookie mix

mumbly28, Mar 11, 1:47am
There was an awesome one I found on the net but cant for the life of me find it again.
It was fantastic, it used golden syrup, no eggs and was just fantastic.
Does anyone have any basic choc chip biscuit recepies please? !

245sam, Mar 11, 2:04am
mumbly28, have you tried doing a search here on this Trademe MB? Usee. g. 'chocolate chip' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option. :-))

mumbly28, Mar 11, 2:12am
Just did that thanks lol Im a bit of a noob to the recepie message boards.
Thanks ;)

accroul, Mar 11, 2:25am
I make choc chip biscuits so often I couldn't actually give you an accurate recipe but it goes a bit like this:
Cream about 150g butter with a cup of sugar. Add a splash of vanilla essence & about 200g choc chips and about 1. 5 cups of flour. mix well & roll into balls, flatten on tray & bake until done.
With the flour, I usually put in 1 cup then add more until I get the 'right' consistancy. Dh & the kids love them.

roxursox, Oct 21, 2:02am
I use a basic hokey pokey biscuit recipe and just add choc chips or choc chunks to it and it's beeooootiful.

125gms butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 dsp milk
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tbsp golden syrup
& of course choc chips or choc chunks

Cream butter & sugar. Warm the milk and syrup add baking soda. Pour bubbly mixture into butter & sugar then add flour. Place on oven tray lined with baking paper. Bake180C 15-20 mins approx.

I always bake by feel and not by accurate measurements so I always use more butter and golden syrup & less flour to get a better smoother biscuit. Too much flour makes then all dry and floury tasting and hard.

You could also use the recipe above and just add some golden syrup to it.

Happy baking

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