Do the colder days make you want to bake?

honeybean, May 1, 2:47am
As soon as the days get darker and the rain comes I always feel like baking. Must be a comfort thing I think. At least the oven being on makes the kitchen nice and cosy. :-)
Just made a batch of rock cakes.

alewis, May 1, 2:51am
I like a bowl of soup - and roasts cause they make the house all cozy and nice smelling

honeybean, May 1, 2:56am
soup- yum. Reminds me of winter at Grandma's house. We would have soup and scones. In fact I think I learnt a lot about cooking by watching my Grandma many years ago. :-)

cookessentials, May 1, 2:58am
Baking, hot soups, open fires and hot drinks... . love it

juliewn, May 1, 5:35am
Hi Pamela. . time in front of the fire with your hubby sounds like it would be included :-)

I have a friend coming to stay, she'll be here shortly. . roast lamb in the oven, veges sorted, most from my garden. . she's bringing dessert. . we'll watch Idol gives back - lots of well-known artists this year. .

Have a lovely evening Everyone. . where-ever you are. . :-)

elliehen, May 1, 6:07am
Mulled wine...

cookessentials, May 1, 6:36am
Hi Julie, that sounds delicious - I love roast lamb and all the trimmings. Wow, it is so good to see some of all our lovely regular posters coming back into the forum - such a refreshing change!

greerg, May 1, 7:08am
I still rememeber how much I liked the smell of Mum's beef curry when I got home late from school on horrible wet days and I often regret that the relative locations of our workplaces means that I am usually the one home first to warm the house and create the lovely smells. My niece has just pointed out that I don't need to stop baking because the kids are all away at University since she's not far away she and really likes baking. Not sure that it's good for her either but there's a llimit to the number of care parcels that can be dispatched and neither of us need to eat much baking these days.

elliehen, May 1, 7:14am
greerg, one group of worthy recipients for home baking are the women who 'man' the charity shops :)

alebix, May 1, 8:51am
I love to bake, but in the colder weather i prefer to cok crockpot food or soup... even though I dont really like eating the crockpot food...

honeybean, May 1, 10:10am
Crock pot food is great.
I am lucky I have a husband who likes my baking and does not put on weight ! !
And lets face it - I would rather eat my baking than a griffins biscuit any day! !

indy95, May 1, 11:11pm
The colder weather certainly turns my thoughts to baking, also to steamed puddings and " comfort food " in general. Unfortunately it also makes me want to eat those same foods which is definitely not a good idea.

kabbo, May 2, 4:17am
mmmm - it does me. was just thinkng before... . . might go and make a chocolate brownie. then thought about tea, and have decided to make a frittata. then just reading on here... . i'm now gonna go tomake a soup... . have a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer... and that can be for tomorrow night. yuuummm... cant stop thinking about food this afternoon.

eastie3, May 2, 5:06am
Today I have made Date and Citrus scones, Louise cake, and a sausage, vege and lentil dish that has sherry vinegar and pineapple in it. The sausage dish is to take for lunch with my DIL tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is a rack of lamb with semolina crusted roast potatoes, roast orange kumara, pumpkin and red onions, green beans and minted cabbage. Apple crumble for pud. I feel full just typing this.

Edited for spelling.

cookessentials, May 16, 7:20am
Did my ham hock soup today. Prepared the hock last night so it was ready to go this morning. It was delicious... just cooked in the crockpot while we were out and about. We headed out to Rongomai today and it was a lovely drive, back round through the back roads of Ekatahuna, Alfredton etc... hood down, sun shining, wind through our hair... . great fun and hot home made soup waiting for us when we got home.

dezzie, May 16, 7:38am
cold weather gets me into soup making mode, theres been a big pot of bacon bones, onions and split peas simmering away most of the day here, but we willhave it tomorrow, its always nicer the next day.

lythande1, May 9, 10:53am
No. We don't eat much cake and stuff. I'll bake bread and make winter things - soups, stews, roasts.