Super easy healthy dinners/salads for weightloss

snow55, Aug 24, 8:41am
Recipes please.

sarahb5, Aug 24, 9:36am
Same food you eat now - just reduce your portion size and go easy on the carbs, trans fats and sugar

davidt4, Aug 24, 10:11am
Real food. Each meal should include meat or eggs or cheese, plus a starchy root vegetable ( kumara, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, potato) plus at least one green leafy vegetable (spinach, silverbeet, broccoli, kale). Include some healthy fats: butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, and if you need more starch serve some rice.

lucky1989, Aug 25, 5:44am
egg on toast


baked beans

small pack of sushi (not with mayo etc)

premade salad with added smoked chcicken or salmon

SOUPS! ( the good taste brand is good, one pouch does two meals)

sarahb5, Aug 25, 5:46am
Those aren't recipes .

toadfish, Aug 25, 6:33am
Neither are these

sarahb5, Aug 25, 6:55am
I guess not - just don't understand why people need a recipe for salad or think that salad is diet food .

huggy5, Aug 25, 6:58am
No recipes as such, but if you keep it simple you'll be fine. So for example, put a lamb steak and some yams in the oven, then make a salad with spinach, mandarins and sprouts. Squeeze lemon juice over as a dressing.

toadfish, Aug 25, 7:18am
Just made a delicious leek an potatoe frittata for dinner tommorrow night - it's quick in the fact that I made it today and just need to serve up tommorrow and healthy in the fact it's low fat made with fresh delicious vegetables and free range eggs

buzzy110, Aug 25, 11:40pm
Lots of debate in this thread. However, I always worry when people ask for 'easy' recipes'. What do they consider easy and what does that mean exactly? For instance, I have never yet, successfully managed to reheat an instant meal or make prepackaged food successfully or to my taste. So even though it is supposed to be 'easy', for me it is really hard to do especially as I don't own a mickey (mouse) wave.

A salad made of iceberg lettuce and drizzled with olive oil is easy but at what cost to taste, colour, texture and variety? Is steak any easier to cook than a stew? Shrugs. I don't know. It depends on the cook. Would a roast chicken be an easier cook than roast lamb? Not in my experience. Is it easier to make cocoda that to panfry fresh fish? Once again, shrug. They both take effort. It is easy to whizz things in a food processor than use a knife but on the other side a knife is easier to clean.

So perhaps the poster would get better responses if she defined 'easy'.

rarogal, Aug 26, 12:17am
Lunches for me are salad with a couple of chicken tenderloins, and WW balsamic dressing over. I often have a roast vege salad and use the same dressing, it is delish! Wraps filled with salad and chicken or tuna, salmon etc. I snack on fruit and raw veges. Vege soup with home made stock.

wendalls, Aug 26, 9:08pm
Might be best to google! Try some of the big recipe sites like and check out the low cal options. Try the healthy food guide magazine. You may be able to find its recipes on the web. Good luck.

wendalls, Aug 26, 9:09pm
Healthy recipes | Healthy Food Guide
Over 2000 delicious, easy, healthy recipes - chicken recipes, dinner recipes, healthy breakfast, low fat recipes, healthy meals.

motorbo, Aug 26, 9:35pm
interesting . see I wouldn't recommend any ready made dressings, read the ingredients

snow55, Aug 29, 12:16am
Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments

cgvl, Aug 29, 3:53am
I use lemon juice instead of other salad dressings, you could mix it with oil and mustard or herbs if you wanted to.
As for the salads: I make a plate of salad up using lettuce or mesculan salad, with a grating of carrot, spring onions, tomato and a measure of cheese (about a ¼ of my protein for that meal) add ¼-½ a hard boiled egg. radishes and cress if I have them. Cover this with Glad wrap and refrigerate. Then when I come to make Dinner I just add, either fish/steak/pork/lamb or chicken.
For lunch I make a salad minus the egg and add a mix of seafood (shrimps, mussels, surime and slivers of salmon) and some creamy mayo.

uli, Aug 29, 9:04am
snow55 - how are you doing now?

awoftam, Aug 29, 9:07am
Understand what 'sugar' actually is and cut out fructose. Follow this and you may well be amazed at the results - and how your overall health improves as your weight drops and your body starts to effectively manage its hunger, as it was designed to do.

lil_angel_kel, Nov 25, 8:46am
Dinner last night was yum, easy and healthy :)
Wilted spinach, roast herby pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, sliced lamb steak (which I covered in morrocan seasoning), and natural yoghurt drizzled over the top.
Even super fussy Mr 7 loved it :)