Where can i buy green tea ice cream at supermarket

linster, Mar 15, 3:44am
Anyone know!

245sam, Mar 15, 4:00am
linster, from doing a Google search I found that Rush Munro make a Green Tea Icecream but it's only available in a 5 litre pack so probably not available at supermarkets.Have a look at:-


I found also that Talleys make a Green Tea Icecream which apparently is for the Japanese market, so again not likely to be available for you to find in our supermarkets.

linster, Mar 15, 4:05am
Thank you! :)

245sam, Mar 15, 4:16am
You're welcome - I wish I could have found more positive info' for you however if you're interested in making some Green Tea Icecream yourself, I noted that there are recipes available.:-))

elliehen, Mar 15, 4:22am
If you're visiting the Tasman district in Nelson you can go to Talley's factory shop on the Motueka wharf and buy several varieties of ice cream destined for the Japanese market.They make a particularly more-ish strawberry ice cream for that market too.

indy95, Mar 15, 6:17am
I'm fairly sure I have recently seen it at either Countdown or New World. I think it was in a 1 litre pack but I can't remember which brand.

poppy2005, Mar 16, 8:15am
I have a feeling I saw it at Nosh some time ago

chynna2, Mar 16, 8:31am
The Distinction Hotel in Rotorua has green tea ice-cream as a dessert in their Japanese restaurant - Mr Yakatori!It's delicious!Perhaps if you don't get anywhere from anyone else you could contact them to find out.

schnauzer11, Mar 16, 10:51am
Linster-I see you're in Auckland.Here in ChCh I've bought some from the Deep South factory.They do export orders,and I think this was from a cancelled one.They're lovely people,and it might be worth an e-mail to see if they supply Aucks.

elliehen, Mar 16, 11:04am
Deep South makes a very good ice cream.Their Boysenberry has much more natural berry to it than Tip Top Boysenberry.

rarogal, Mar 16, 10:13pm
Gosh I've never heard of it! Wild love to try it. I used to love a green tea air freshener, the only that didn't give me a migraine, but they don't make it any longer.

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