My gluten free, dairy free & sugar free receipes?

peneve, Feb 17, 4:51am
My husband has been told you avoid wheat/gluten, dairy & sugar.Bit of a challenge! Any ideas for any type of recipes would be appreciated. TIA

uli, Feb 17, 5:11am
The only problem lays with baking and breakfast cereal type stuff. Everything else is pretty much gluten free if you stay away from packaged foods and cook with meat, eggs, veges, herbs and spices.

Lunch and dinner is easy: salads with fish, meatballs, eggs in any form for lunch, can make a rice salad to take.
Meat, chicken or fish with veges for dinner.

You can use rice, quinoa, amaranth and corn as well as potatoes and pumpkin if you want carby side dishes.

Replacement breakfast dishes are most easily found on low carb websites. You can make "muesli" with nuts and seeds, however since he should avoid dairy as well I would go for bacon and eggs with some tomatoes or mushrooms and fried in butter so he has some "sustenance" as he will not eat bread, and/or add some leftover potatoes or rice from dinner.

You can of course bake gluten free breads, however I have never really liked any that I have concocted for gluten free visitors and think it is easier just to cut it out.

You can also bake cakes with those gluten free mixtures you can buy from Healtheries - in any good supermarket and non-dairy fats and artificial sweeteners. Again I would simply cut it out as it gets very artificial, just eat some fruit for pudding or as snacks in between. Cherry tomatoes are very nice as a snack with a few slices of salami (check that it is indeed gluten free salami).

Good luck - it is quite easy - you just have to change your routines a little.

nanasee1, Feb 17, 5:17am
Magical Orange Cake in the Whizz
Easy to make GF, DF & egg free
1 whole orange, washed and processed to a pulp
125gr melted butter, (or 125 ml oil)
1 cup sugar
2 med-lge eggs,(or 2 tsp egg replacement)
1 1/2 cups self-raising flour.(or 1 1/2c plain four + 3 tsp Baking powder) Or use Gluten free flour & GF baking powder
If you have a food processor, just throw everything in together and mix till all combined.
No whizz - Mix together the melted butter and sugar, add egg then orange pulp. Stir to combine then fold in sifted SR flour.
Pour into lined loaf tin and bake at 180C for approx 35-40 minutes or ready when tested with skewer.
When diary,gluten & egg free the mixture is best made in a ring tin or muffin pans

You can replace the orange with one of the following for variety:
2 nectarines & 1 lemon
2 mandarins & 1 lemon
A jar of passion fruit pulp
Two lemons whole & whizzed
Tin of crushed pineapple in juice.

nanasee1, Feb 17, 5:20am
Red pepper Herb Fritters
Gluten, egg & diary free
½ onion
Large handful parsley
2 coriander plants – leaves
2 marinated red peppers, undrained (Can also add pepperdews for spicier version)
Whizz all together.
Add 2 teaspoons egg substitute
Approx 1 ½ c GF Flour
Water to mix to batter consistency.
Fry like pikelets.
Sour cream with chilli sauce mixed in to serve, orjust chilli sauce for dairy free

nanasee1, Feb 17, 6:12am
Oops sorry missed the sugar free bit - could replace the sugar with 'splenda' or another substitute.

dilligas, Feb 17, 8:51am
Due to low blood pressure and high cholesteral I was told to cut out all carbs, fat, salt, sugar and dairy products. A hard task when you live on a farm. Dr told me if its processed then it is off the menu along with all meat except chicken and fish. Bacon is high in salt and sugar so should not be on OP's partners menu. He will also have to watch fruit high in fructose due to sugar content especially grapes.

Scrambled eggs made with water
Curried Eggs
Celery and carrot sticks with Guacamole dip
Blanched Broccolias a snack instead of fruit
Jacket/Baked Potatoes
Chow Mein
Plenty of salads - watercress, coleslaw, lettuce, bean, tuna etc
Blanched/baked tomatoes
Steamed Mushrooms
Gluten free sausages and other gluten free meat
fresh fruit salads

His diet doesnt necessarily mean he will miss out as his diet is only limited to ones imagination.

motorbo, Feb 17, 8:58am
check out ani phyo, she is an american that lives RAW, but there are some good recipes, one yummy treat is a mix of, cocoa or cacaco powder mixed with rasins, almonds, cashew butter, coconut a touch of vanilla .start by whizzing the nuts, and no reason why you cant change cashew to peanut, or replace rasins with dates.end of you should have nice rolled balls of delishisness - healthy and yum

a fave i used to make for snacks.i overcook my rice to get it real sticky.then add my flavors and fry.curry paste and spring onions.or paprika and courgettes grated

roshu, Feb 18, 3:05am
Breakfast : Gluten free toast with savoury spread or eggs on top.
Gluten free cereal (check it has no sugar added) with rice or soy milk and sprinkled with Xylitol. There is a flaked rice that you can make up like porridge too.
Lunch: Gluten free bread toasted sandwich such as ham/tomato
Salad with spuds or rice.
Dinner: Check out GF sausages. Don't forget basic meats are GF and good old veges can be roasted or stirfried with herbs or spices for good flavours. Potatoes and rice can be presented in lots of ways. Men love them baked, fried or roasted. Use a good quality margerine with no trans fats and based on a good vege oil. For quick GF meals look in the freezer section at the supermarket. Many have GF meat pies and so forth.
Dessert: Fresh fruit or canned in juice. Find out about sugar substitutes. Xylitol is actually good for your teeth. You can then make stuff at home that has a sweet taste without the sugar.

uli, Feb 18, 3:42am
roshu - those meals are all a bit like "pretend" food to me. I am sure they are great in a transition period when you still crave your usual muesli, sweets, cakes, bread etc. but they have so many additives and stuff that I reckon in the long run once you are over the cravings just drop them and live on real fresh food - meat, eggs, chicken, fish and lots of salads, vegetables, very few bits of fruit because of the sugar (berries are best), some nuts and if allowed a bit of dairy like a nice Greek yoghurt .

peneve, Feb 18, 11:30pm
Thank you all so much for your fabulous ideas and recipes! My hubbie is a contractor who needs a lot of high energy foods, so your suggestions are fabulous!

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