recipe to use for dinner using left over deli ham

bean21, Apr 27, 5:52pm
Can anyone give me any suggestions. I was lucky enough to be given 1kg of deli ham and have used as much as I can in sandwiches for school and work etc but don't want to waste the rest of it and want to use it before it goes off.

Please any suggestions welcome. thanks :)

evorotorua, Apr 27, 6:34pm
Lucky you. I would use it in quiches and things like mac and cheese. I freeze y leftover hama nd then defrost when I need it for those dishes. It's not like new when defrosted but you can't tell.

margyr, Apr 27, 7:54pm

bean21, Apr 27, 9:31pm
Oh ok I didn't realise you could freeze it... . maybe I will make a quiche and then freeze whats left over too - thanks for your suggestions posters :)))

kaddiew, Apr 27, 9:35pm
Add it to savoury muffins, pinwheel scones, potato/pasta bakes, soups, stuffed potatoes. . anything you might use bacon in...

alewis, Apr 27, 9:55pm
wedges with ham - put your wedges in and then ham for about 15 mins with the cheese serve with sour cream and salad. The troops will love you for it

red2, Mar 10, 11:06am
its also good in a pasta dish with mushrooms etc

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