Pumpkin and Apricot relish.

korbo, Feb 26, 8:08am
I tried last year, to find a recipe for this.
Bought a jar at the Papamoa market. really tasty.
anyone got a recipe.!

lindylambchops1, Feb 26, 10:25pm
Sorry haven't made it myself, sounds interesting.love apricots!

Found this


245sam, Feb 26, 10:26pm
korbo, there's a recipe at:-


I don't know how that chutney compares with the one you have enjoyed, but hope that helps.:-))

245sam, Feb 26, 10:28pm
lindylambchops1 and I must have been Googling at the same time!:-))

korbo, Feb 26, 11:18pm
cool. thnx

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