Butter and runner beans how do i prepare

17007, Feb 28, 4:45am
them for freezing please.

thelaw014, Feb 28, 4:50am
I chuck them in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes and then into some iced water, drain them and then freeze.

hazedaze, Feb 28, 5:59am
I just slice my scarlett runners thinly and pile them on a large tray and free flow them.Bag them in large or individual servings when frozen and pump out the air and twist tie them. I personally feel they have enough water content without adding more.They freeze well and I've never had any problem.I always used to do them by the blanching method until someone put me onto this quite a few years back.Easy as :)

You could also just slice and bag them into meal size portions and then freeze.

lythande1, Feb 28, 5:53pm
They go yuk after freezing, if you want them to remain like they are, salt them instead.

pickles7, Feb 28, 6:45pm
To freeze beans:
The only way we will eat them frozen is;
slice, put into meal lots in a microwave safe bag, microwave 1 minute, turn bag over microwave 1 more minute. Remove with care, seal after all the air has been squeezed out, put the bag in a bowl of ice cold water. The bag will suck in, thus keeping the beans in very good condition.
note , the amount in each bag would be 250 grams.

malcovy, Feb 28, 10:41pm
Genius method.

uli, Mar 1, 3:17am
I have tried blanching and freezing and always found them go rubbery. However I make a nice side dish with fried onions, bacon, tomatoes, peppers and green beans and lots of herbs and if anything of that is left over I freeze it for winter. Fully cooked. That always defrosts ok.

malcovy, Mar 2, 6:06pm
Pickles your method is a breeze.

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