Benchtop oven help please

iamashopaholic, Apr 26, 11:41pm
Have just acquired one and instructions for convection oven say set timer and temperature and put food in. Dont you have to wait for the oven to come to correct temperature? If not do I add a little extra onto cooking time? Thanks.

sue1955, Apr 26, 11:54pm
I have a 17lt Sunbeam Convection Bake & Grill oven. I turndial to required temperature & when the light goes out, put the food in & then set the time wanted.

pol, Apr 28, 7:15am
I've got a Goldair & it only takes a few minutes to get to the right temp. Wouldn't be without mine now :)

iamashopaholic, Mar 16, 9:50am
Pol, thats what I`ve got now. Its awesome! I have found I just allow a couple of extra minutes on the cooking time when I turn it on and put the food in if you know what I mean, its not like a traditional oven which the light goes off when it reaches the desired temp.

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