Smoking homemade bacon

dreamers, Mar 10, 7:55pm
Trying a pork loin for the first time.after the brining do I cut into slices before smoking or smoke in the piece,which weighs a kilo!
I have only ever smoked the pork belly which because it was not very thick ,I left it in the piece.

uli, Mar 11, 3:30am
Which method are you using!

Hot smoked or cold smoked!

Have you got a commercial smoker or a home built one!

Personally I cold smoke as I like raw smoked ham.
So I would smoke the whole thing. Fridge for a few days then cut very thinly.

dreamers, Mar 11, 4:54am
We have a hot electricsmoker and do lots of salmon,just starting with the bacon.

fogs, Mar 11, 12:11pm
It is much better to cold smoke bacon, We drycure then cold smoke we use loin of pork, It is very nice. A 2 kg piece takes abour 5-7 hours

dreamers, Mar 11, 8:05pm
I guess it's all about preference.we have hot smoked amaple syrup glazed belly and it was superb,just hadn't attempted a loin yet.

angel404, Mar 11, 8:07pm
Dreamers what is your brine recipe! What kind of salt do you use!

dreamers, Mar 11, 11:04pm

drsr, Mar 11, 11:21pm

angel404, Mar 11, 11:31pm
Thats an easy recipe dreamers. How important is the smoking part! I dont have a smoker.

dreamers, Mar 12, 12:26am
I think the smoking gives a nicer flavour,Try it with a small porkbelly first and see how you go.good luck.

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