Corn on Cob (in husk) cooked in Microwave

jessie981, Jan 24, 6:26am
is it 4 mins per cob please!

..james.., Jan 24, 6:29am
just done one tonight in 1200 watt microwave for 3 mins.perfect.

jessie981, Jan 24, 6:43am
thanx, butter ,salt & heaps of pepper!

millseys, Jan 24, 7:23am
I usually do 2.5 mins per piece in my 1200w oven. And I eat it as is, especially when it's fresh from our garden!

..james.., Jan 24, 8:35am
fresh cooked corn cob with lemon sqeezed into it and then rolled in a plate of 4 part paprika to one part salt mixed is devine.never had butter on corn since.

lizyb, Jan 24, 8:16pm
Once cooked a good tip is to cut a 1/2 inch off the base of the cob and then hold the top and twist and the husk and silk all come off beautifully together :-)

molly37, Jan 24, 8:47pm
For 25 years I'd been doing it the hard way until I heard this a year ago. Its so easy.

dbab, Jan 24, 10:05pm
I only cook for 2 minutes per cob.
If I boil it , I do it for about 4 minutes.
Don't like over cooked veges.

harrislucinda, Jan 25, 2:23am

jessie981, Jan 25, 5:01am
bobcat_6 wrote:

Was too bobcat, no more cooking on the stove.

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