Raspberry Gluten Free muffins

fhpottery, Feb 8, 3:59am
I made a dozen of these in the week-end using the healtheries Baking mix. Just put in a few raspberries (as desired) and make a firm, but not too wet batter, c/w sugar as required for your tastes.
I make these for my wife who is diabetic as well. They have a carb value of about 50 for a normal sized one. In her case 5 units of novorapid per muffin. I'm not sure how they'd go with a sugar substitute, but were very fruity and nice. [fresh rasps from the garden] PS: Don't over cook they dry out quickly!

fhpottery, Feb 8, 4:00am
... and eggs of course... . .

melford, Jul 31, 10:16am
hi there - check out the thread called Melford are you around, there are some good gluten free recipes in there too

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