Boiling condensed milk?

loody, Jan 4, 7:57pm
When boiling condensed milk to make toffee, can you use the tins with the tear top lids, or will they explode!Thank you

patxyz, Jan 4, 7:59pm
tear top is OK.Simmer, dont boil

loody, Jan 4, 8:02pm
thanks patxyz. Have you done it before! I really dont want a hot toffee explosion through the kitchen:)

whitehead., Jan 4, 8:05pm
never had that happen just dont let it boil dry . its very sweet

loody, Jan 4, 8:08pm
thank you - I will give it a go:-)

margie10, Jan 4, 11:28pm
Can you do it with an induction hob!

punkinthefirst, Jan 5, 12:17am
Why not buy the cans of ready-made caramel milk! It isn't that much more expensive.

lost-in-oz, Jan 5, 1:09am
why not just make the caramel with butter and brown sugar and condensed milk,.much nicer.

loody, Jan 5, 2:22am
ok epic fail! LOL. The boiling was fine and I left it simmering for 3 hours, but it wasnt caramel!Maybe I didnt have the water hot enough!
Anyway, I ended up using the condensed milk with brown sugar and butter, just waiting for it to set - fingers crossed:/

paula16, Jan 6, 6:44am
Seems weird three hours an no caramel. Shame as it is better than any other caramel

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