Homemade Baileys/Irish Liquer recipe please?

murdoc4, Dec 26, 10:46am
Last year I found a recipe on here using whiskey to make a delish flavour simular to that of the Baileys cream we love.It used ingred like: chocolate sauce, condensed milk etc. it never used raw eggs like alot on the mesg board. Can anyone help me find it please!Thanks.

wheelz, Dec 26, 11:35am
Bumped up a thread from earlier

nauru, Dec 27, 2:00am
This recipe previously posted by darlingmole.
Can this be used straight away or does it have to sit a while.

Irish Creme Liquer (must be stored in fridge)
4 egg yoks
1 400 g can condensed milk
300 mls cream
3 T chocolate sauce
2 t coconut essence
450 ml Irish Whiskey

Mix well, store in fridge.

cookiebarrel, Dec 27, 9:44pm
murdoc4, I will have a look over the next couple of days and see if I can find that recipe for you as I remember them being posted and I copied them at the time.Do recall there being one without eggs in it.If no-one posts it for you in the meantime I will post it when/if I find it.

mjhdeal, Dec 28, 10:00pm
This is the recipe I use, which sounds like what you are after.

1 cup milk
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon strong coffee
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
2 teaspoons vanilla extract.

Put all in a blender, blend on high 20 seconds or so. Store in sealed container in fridge. Shake well before serving. Try hard not to scoff all in one sitting.

murdoc4, Dec 29, 5:41am
Thank you 'cookiebarrel'!

murdoc4, Dec 29, 5:44am
Thankyou, will try.Original didnt have milk in it so it lasted longer, but it sounds yum.

cookiebarrel, Dec 29, 10:36am
murdoc4, still going to look for you, been a wee bit busy with son's birthday.

narnas1, Dec 30, 2:09am
1 can con milk
1 cup strong coffee
300 ml cream
1 tbsp choc sauce
1 cup whisky or more to atste
mix all tog, bottle and keep in fridge, serve over ice cubes.yyyuuummmmm

daleaway, Dec 30, 3:08am
There is no coffee flavour in Bailey's- it's coconut and chocolate flavours only. And not much coconut, but it's there. I have posted a recipe before, same ingreidents as Nauru's above.

connor2003, Dec 30, 4:19am
Whisky Cream Liqueur

1c whisky; 1½ tbsp chocolate topping; 300ml cream; ½ tsp vanilla essence; 3 eggs; ½ tsp instant coffee; 1 x 397g tin sweetened condensed milk

Put whisky, cream, eggs, condensed milk, chocolate topping, vanilla essence and coffee in blender and blend on slow for three minutes or use one beater of an electric mixer on fast for three minutes. Bottle and seal. Store in fridge. Keep for 3 days before using.

cookiebarrel, Dec 31, 4:09am
Sorry murdoc4, have done a big search, but the ones that I have are the same ones that have already been posted.Was reallt sure that I had one that was different and if I should find it somewhere I will post it for you.In the meantime goodluck with your search.

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