20cm round baking tin. I want one

clair4, Apr 24, 5:27am
The trouble is I cannot find one that does not have a loose bottom. It has to be a tin to fit into my crockpot with water half way up. Looked in most shops here in Hamilton to no avail. Does anyone have one that they want to sell or can tell me where I can buy one.

glendeb, Apr 24, 8:17am
I have two pie dishes that are 20cm round, would they work or would they not be deep enough for what you are cooking? I'm not sure where they came from as alot of my kitchen is hand-me-downs, but that could work?

What about a silicone one?

duckmoon, Apr 24, 9:35am
If you dont' want to use because the water will leak in...
and you already have a tin, then you could use the tin, line it as usual; and then put a layer of tin foil around the outside of the tin to water proof it.

Good luck

clair4, Apr 24, 10:05am
Thanks for the tips. I will try the foil tomorrow. Pie dishes are not really deep enough. I have bought a nice recipe book for crockpots by a New Zealander and there is a nice carrot cake recipe. I do have a couple of 20cm tins but they have handles built in so that you can lift out of the oven. If the foil does not work, we may cut the handles off one of the tins.

doug57, Apr 28, 5:48am
Have you had a peek in op shops?

clair4, Apr 28, 8:45am
I had 2 sponge tins that had edges on them. Partner filed one of the edges off and that worked fine. After all that I did not like the carrot cake in the crock pot that much. Probably will not make it again. Glad I did not pay $49. 90 for a new tin.

tixy, Mar 18, 4:56pm
Aha! Head off to your closest rest home and ask in the kitchen if you can have some of their empty catering sized tins - the big ones that you can get fruit saladand baked beans etc in(they are about 2 kg or so). Then get your hacksaw (or get hubby, or that friendly neighbour... ) to cut it in half. File off the bad edge. Voila! You can use these tins and also the 700gm sized tins to make tiered cakes etc too. Hope this helps.

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