Bread tin size...

kenny17, Dec 2, 8:57am
I normally make hand made freestyle{shaped} bread.Today I bought a 9by5 by4inch Bread Loaf tin.I normally make a 3cup{flour} loaf.Can anyone who uses the same size Tin give me the quantities,{or recipe} of of dough to fill this tin to make a decent sized loaf.I tried the recipe that came with the tin,but this gave me a ginormous amount of dough,{one Kg of four}far too much for the tin.A correct recipe for this tin size would be much appreciated..thanks..

gardie, Dec 2, 4:41pm
Why don't you make your usual loaf, put some in the tin and turn the other into little buns or an extra (freeform) loaf.Its freezes well, ... if it actually gets to the freezer that is.In my house, hot bread is like gold.

glenj, Sep 24, 4:15am
Try your normal 3 cup loaf and then next time adjust recipe.