What is your favourite pie filling?

edlin, Dec 19, 3:48am
Someone I know is starting up a lunch bar and wants to know what everyone loves in a pie. She really wants to know what a hungry man likes to eat at lunch/smoko time.

holly-rocks, Dec 19, 4:19am
Mine likes chicken and leek and a big chunky pepper steak pie.

kuaka, Dec 19, 4:31am
cherry - as in Tesco's cherry pie filling - absolutely yummy on it's own, or smothered in cream, or soaked in brandy and then - well whatever - or actually made into a pie is delicious.How sad that we can't buy it here.

skyblue17, Dec 19, 5:56am
Chicken, leek and mushroom.

lodgelocum, Dec 19, 6:04am
Savoury pie - bacon and egg, sweet pie - lemon meringue

ange164, Dec 19, 6:05am
apple for sweet. Savoury my fave is lamb and mint. (quality mind you, not all gristle and gravy.)

fxx99, Dec 19, 8:26am
Chicken curry.

uli, Dec 19, 8:49am
steak and mushroom

krazy_kat, Dec 19, 9:05am
Chicken and camenbert
Butter Chicken

daisyhill, Dec 19, 9:07am
Chicken and ham. Yum. Or cheese and leek.

I see a strong chicken theme here!

lucky1989, Dec 19, 9:32am
butter chicken pie, like the bp ones or the dads pies range

steak(or mince) and cheese, with lots of cheese in it.

chicken cranberry brie pie, not often done very well though.

carlosjackal, Dec 19, 11:22am
My favourite Savoury Pie Filling:Beef and Red Wine (Beef Bourguignon)

My Favourite Sweet Pie filling:Strawberry and Rhubarb

lythande1, Dec 19, 6:16pm
Steak Pepper.

edlin, Dec 19, 7:07pm
Thanks everyone. Keep you likes coming please.

69-camaro, Dec 19, 10:46pm
Lemon Meringue Pie or Butter Chicken Pie.There aren't many places that make a decent Butter Chicken Pie.Its usually all gravy or all fat and no chicken.Mince and Cheese, but again it is very hard to find a bakery that makes a decent Mince & Cheese Pie.

jessie981, Dec 19, 11:42pm
Peppered Steak
Lemon Meringue Pie

wheelz, Dec 20, 12:14am
Steak and oyster. These fly out of the cabinet!
Only need 1 oyster per pie to flavour the whole pie.

sarahb5, Dec 20, 12:34am
Had a pretty good vegetarian pie at the cafe my daughter works at - pumpkin, sweet chilli and feta I think it was - that's the best pie I've had in ages.I don't like pies with meat in them because of the risk of gristle, bone, fat, yuckness .I'm quite fond of apple pie though or my mum's pumpkin pie (a sweet pie)

lucky1989, Dec 20, 5:03am
yes pumpkin pie!

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