Sugar free Meringues

sarahb5, Jan 6, 10:51pm
None so blind as those that will not see .

sarahb5, Jan 6, 11:04pm
Well at least now you know and like you said it was worth a try - most recipes have evolved by trial and error so you never know when/if you're going to get lucky!

roshu, Jan 7, 2:55am
What about Xylitol! It is as granula as sugar and sweet. It comes from Birch trees. It is good for your teeth as it kills oral bacteria responsible for gum disease and is recommended to consume after meals. Only down-side is that its expensive. (health food stores have it)

mrsrickp, Dec 10, 12:58am
Hi everyone.I looking to hear from someone who makes sugar free they turn out chewy like the real home made ones. Any advice needed before I have a go at making them.

sarahb5, Dec 10, 3:57am
Would they work without sugar though - wouldn't the egg whites just collapse without the sugar to bind and react with them!

sarahb5, Dec 10, 3:59am

sarahb5, Dec 10, 3:59am

cgvl, Dec 10, 4:15am
I have made but not prepared to say anymore than that due to nasty comments made.
Yes you can but suggest you try a small batch first.

pickles7, Dec 10, 4:31am

elliehen, Dec 10, 4:54am
Have you been relaxing pickles!Haven't noticed you posting lately.Are you a skinny-minny yet after all that dieting!

we_egg, Dec 10, 6:24am
I experimented a year or so back and used artificial sugar and sorry to say they were yuck.The egg whites didnt whip up correctly and also the meringue tasted odd.Left a odd taste in my mouth

sarahb5, Dec 10, 6:26am
I think meringues are one of those things that you shouldn't really mess with - they are a treat food and should be regarded as such but enjoyed as "nature" intended if you get my meaning .I think you can reduce the calorific impact by adjusting what you serve with them (ie. just fruit, or yoghurt instead of cream, etc) but I'd leave the meringues as they are.

nfh1, Dec 10, 6:40am
Take no notice of the nasty comments, just feel pleased you have made someone's day that they can be rude hiding behind the screen.

But I would love to know -------- would you make them again!

cgvl, Dec 10, 9:45am
nfh1 yes I would make again but I made it more for a diabetic uncle as a mini pav. He enjoyed it and ate with relish and not just to be polite. I didn't taste it.
Held it shape fine and as I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners so will not use under 99.99% of circumstances, I either leave them and the sugar out or make with less sugar and just have a small piece and wear the consequences later.

nfh1, Dec 10, 10:00am
Thanks cgvl, I appreciate you posting again.I think I may give them a try, just to see what happens!

mrsrickp, Dec 10, 5:59pm
Thanks for the above peoples! I am not sure if I will make them.just interested to see how they would turn out. I do realise that they are a treat food, and as I am not a diabetic I do not have to make them. I am a Gastric Bypass girl and was just trying to cut down on the sugar. Thanks for the advice.much appreciated.

daleaway, Dec 11, 3:16am
I have wondered about making them with Splenda - has anyone tried it! How did it turn out!

uli, Dec 11, 4:19am
This so funny - where are those "nasty comments"!
I see nothing at all LOL :)

nfh1, Dec 11, 4:26am
Gosh you must be reading different threads to me, I have seen numerous mean comments on this Board and others when someone posts a recipe which is not made from scratch, or has ingredients in which someone considers is not food, has artificial sweetener in etc etc.

It is funny you have not seen them.

dalkemade, Dec 11, 7:17am
How right you are nfh1. Artificial sweetners have consistently been proved in scientific trials to be safe yet few go on about alcohol which is far more dangerous and is a provencarcinogenic.substance.

mrsrickp, Dec 11, 11:54pm
Well I had a go atmaking a small batch last night and alas I will be eating the "normal" meringues on Christmas Day. They are like dust.go everywhere and tasteless. Thanks for your help everyone, I could only try couldn't I.

uli, Dec 12, 7:56am
Well I am talking about THIS thread only .

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