Boiling Condensed Milk

rusty-bones, Dec 9, 12:48am
in the can for toffee for the Banoffee Pie. This is Nigellas recipe. She say's to boil for 2-2.5 hrs. And to keep it covered at all times. She did'nt explain how so I'm taking it's on a low heat! Is there another easier recipe!

patxyz, Dec 9, 12:50am
I just leave it on a low simmer.Turns out fine

I think you can also buy the 'toffee' premade

vintagekitty, Dec 9, 1:39am
the easier recipe I know, is to buy it already made in a can. Its so nice too

cjfincham1, Dec 9, 7:36am
do it in a slow cooker/ crockpot - so much easier

pammies, Dec 9, 7:40am
Buy a can of caramael

mumstu, Dec 9, 7:47am
yup, buy a can of caramel condensed

harrislucinda, Dec 9, 8:43am
thatcannedstuffisyukkcomparedto theboilatinforabout3hrsonsimmerbutCOOLBEFOREOPENING

paula16, Dec 9, 8:48am
Canned is terrible compared to the con milk id boil it for 2.5 and keep topping water up. way better caramel, Dec 9, 11:11am
Just make sure it is not one of those tins with a rip tab on them otherwise it will explode. Put tin in saucepan of water, cover with water and lid and simmer gently for 2-3 hours. Cool and then open.
That's what I used to do if you don't want to buy the pre caramalised tins mentioned above.
Don't leave the house whilst you are doing this in case the water needs topping up.

drsr, Dec 9, 9:25pm
You can make the toffee in a microwave oven, it takes more tending but only takes about 20 minutes. Here's one example (dulce de leche is the South American version of condensed milk toffee):

You really do need a big bowl because it foams up a lot while microwaving.

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