Raspberry White Chocolate Fudge!

bridget107, Dec 6, 2:11am

cmjbp, Dec 6, 2:14am
omg, 2 cans condensed milk and 2 bars of chockie!
Think I might give this one a miss lol

elliehen, Dec 6, 2:52am
cmjbp, is this a bit more acceptable! it came in via email today from NZ House & Garden,

White Rocky Road
This recipe comes from Rebecca McRobie of Rocksugar Catering. Serve it with coffee or other after-dinner drinks instead of a dessert. That way guests will still have eaten a sweet treat but won’t feel overloaded – a hazard in this season of feasting!
300g rose Turkish delight (or fruit
jubes or half of each)
150g marshmallows
100g blanched almonds, toasted
100g pecans, toasted
100g long thread coconut
350g white chocolate, melted

Coarsely chop Turkish delight, marshmallows and nuts (scissors are good for cutting the sweets) and combine with coconut in a bowl. Pour chocolate over and mix well.
Press firmly into a large, lined loaf pan, cover with foil and weigh down with 3 medium cans of food. Chill several hours until set or leave overnight in the pantry.
Cut into squares to serve. Keeps for up to 3 weeks in an airtight container in the fridge.

cmjbp, Dec 6, 3:37am
That sounds scrummy elliehen. My big problem is I live alone and when I make these yummy treats I give away some but then I eat the rest LOL

wildflower, Dec 6, 3:39am
The raspberry one would make a lot, probably could just halve that recipe.

elliehen, Dec 6, 4:15am
Love the pic on your profile!

bridget107, Dec 6, 4:19am
It makes a lot and it can be halved for sure. Remember that is a cafe recipe so more of a 'catering' size. It is delicious though

uli, Dec 6, 4:22am
Ahh - no raspberries in the recipe at all :(

I just came in with another big bowl full freshly picked and looked for a recipe I haven't made yet :)

iriegirl, Dec 6, 5:39am
Ellie that sounds really delish! And minus all that sugary condensed milk!

elliehen, Dec 6, 5:51am
You're not seriously interested in a thread with "fudge" in the title!Unless perhaps it's for the woofers.

I have a bowl of freshly picked raspberries too, but I wouldn't waste them in a "recipe" ;)

uli, Dec 6, 6:15am
I am interested in all recipes. If I make them as posted or slightly adapt is another matter.

Not sure what you mean with "waste" - I get about 2kgs a day so instead of simply eating them with cream or yoghurt or plain - I sometimes use them in a "recipe".

Funny that I have to explain myself here.

elliehen, Dec 6, 6:52am
No need to be defensive ;)

By "waste" I meant that most people with fresh raspberries choose not to mess with them.They are a real Christmas treat for those who do not grow their own.

wildflower, Dec 7, 2:46am
I can't keep up with the strawberries I pick so end up bagging a lot in the freezer; can only eat so many at a time.Then I just use them throughout the year, especially in protein shakes with milk and a scoop of protein powder.

When you grow your own they're not such a novelty, I'd like some boysenberries or raspberries instead so maybe I'd better plant some.

I too adapt recipes all the time to suit taste or nutritional content.

elliehen, Dec 7, 3:44am
Growers here freeze them free-flow and you can buy them year-round at the local markets.

Boysenberries are my favourite. Nelson Pope family (they sold their brand "Anathoth") makes a full-flavoured boysenberry jam with the "Pope" label.

mwood, Dec 7, 5:45am
you've got mail :-)

uli, Dec 7, 9:17am
We all needed to know this :)

elliehen, Dec 7, 9:46am
I read post #15 to say, "Don't hesitate to make it, just because you say you live alone.send me some."Similar to posters who say after a particularly appealing recipe has been posted, "May I come for dinner!"

Proof of how easy it is to get the wrong end of the stick on the MBs ;)

mwood, Dec 7, 10:02am
Mr Uli do you really think all posts reference you ! You really are a pathetic little man.

mwood, Dec 7, 10:04am
I had actually just purchased and paid for an item from the addressed poster - just a simple alert - the delivery note contained the message (which had nothing to do with the topic) :-)

mwood, Dec 7, 10:10am
Great game of Chinese Whispers going on here !

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