wyndra, May 31, 11:28pm
The cakey one with biscuits in like they sell in the cake shop please

pam.delilah, Jun 1, 12:05am
Biscuit Fudge
10 tbsps butter,
1/2 cup sugar,
1 tbsp cocoa,
1 egg(beaten),
1/2 tsp vanilla essence,
2 pkt wine biscuits

Heat together butter, sugar and cocoa until well blended. Remove from heat and add egg and vanilla, mix well. Pour over the top of coarsely crushed biscuitsand mix well.
Press into tin and refrigerate. Sprinkle coconut over top before pressing into tin to give it a bit of bite. This fudge is soft and creamy and as long as you keep the biscuitscoarse, you’ll have a soft crunchy fudge! ! ! !

ziggy16, Jun 1, 6:31am
pam. delilah if you come back in here can you go back to my thread and read a question I had for you regarding the recipe in the thread URGENT help with the low fat biscuits, Thanks

245sam, Jun 26, 12:07pm
wyndra, have a look at:- php? f=15&t=633

You'll find a choice of recipes on that link, including the well tried, tested and true one that I posted - I grew up with my Mum making that one quite regularly for many many years prior to the time when I also started making it. :-))