Chocolate Fudge Cake (slice) Please

b1b21, Jul 17, 12:34am
the recipe with 2 eggs and 2 pkts of wine buscuits please

lynja, Jul 17, 12:45am
Fudge Cake

8oz butter
2 eggs
1 3/4 pkt crushed biscuits
3/4 cup sugar
2 DSPN cocoa

melt butter and sugar on low heat. remove from heat and stir until blended
Add whisked up eggs. stir. add coaoa. stir. add crushed biscuits. stir, add a bit more of the crushed biscuits if too sloppy.
spread into slice tin. ice with chocolate icing, bit of coconut on top.
i keep this in the fridge.

lynja, Jul 18, 12:59am
oh b1b21 meant to say that this is not cooked! hope you realised that bit.

ziggy32, Jul 18, 1:16am
uncookedfugde slice

250gm butter
1 small tin condensed milk
8 cups bisuits
1/2 cup melted cholate or 2 tsp cocoaMIX togatherthis makes a large slice

add cholate icinguse milk or cream not water to make icing

ziggy32, Nov 6, 9:02pm
PSyou can add peanuts to baseand cocnut to icing