Leek and bacon pie

totara571, Nov 18, 6:33am
i have all the ingredients but just not sure how to cook the leeks and bacon.dont want it too sloppy filling.any suggestions please TIA

carlosjackal, Nov 18, 6:45pm
Sauté the leeks
Fry the bacon until golden.
Then just whisk together the eggs, stir through the cheese, milk, leeks, bacon and a good pinch of seasoning. Pour into the case and bake for 25-30 mins until golden.

The mixture needs to be reasonably "sloppy" and the addition of eggs and milk will make it this way. The leeks will cook down but shouldn't be too sloppy.

245sam, Nov 18, 7:07pm
totara571, you might like to try the following - I haven't made it for a while now but I remember that it was always easy to make and a delicious way of combining leeks and bacon.

For 4-5 servings:
1 cup flour
60g cold butter
about ¼ cup water
5 thin bacon rashers
2 leeks, sliced
½ cup cottage cheese (traditional/original preferably rather than light/lite)
2 eggs
¼ cup milk

Put flour and cold cubed butter in food processor.Do not chop the butter into the flour before adding the water.Add water in a slow stream, using the on-off or pulse knob in short bursts to prevent overmixing.Mixture should still look crumbly when enough water has been added.Stop adding water as soon as you can press dough particles together to form a ball.
Chill dough for 15 minutes, then roll out thinly.Ease, do not stretch into a 20cm flan tin or pie plate.Run rolling pin over flan tin to cut off excess pastry or fold edges of pie pastry under, and crimp edge.
Chop half bacon and sauté.Slice leek and boil.
Put chopped bacon, leek and cottage cheese in uncooked crust.
Pour over egg and milk.Top with remaining uncooked bacon.
Bake at200ºCfor20 minutes, or centre is set – I found that the flan needed an extra approximately 15 minutes at 180ºC.

Hope that helps.:-))

kamitchell, Nov 19, 12:07am
Mmm that sounds yum 245sam!Thankyou for posting that

uli, Nov 19, 3:38am
I do pretty much the same, but omit the flour, water and butter (=the dough).

If you use the
5 thin bacon rashers
2 leeks, sliced
½ cup cottage cheese (traditional/original preferably rather than light/lite)
2 eggs
¼ cup milk
and add an extra 2 to 4 eggs then all you have to do is pour it into an oiled pie dish and bake it.

Personally I fry the bacon and leeks first for more flavour.

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