Hunza Pie

dawnay, Nov 16, 1:28am
Does anyone have a recipe for Hunza Pie!It's not heard of much nowadays but it uses lots of silverbeet or spinach among other things. Thanks

nattles88, Nov 16, 1:40am
apparently this one was made at waikato hosp for some time.

Hunza Pie
3 sheets shortcrust pasrty
1 cup long grain rice
1/2 tsp salt
2 bunches silverbeet
1kg pumpkin, roughly chopped
salt and pepper
3 cups grated cheese
mixed herbs
3 sliced tomatoes

1. pre heat oven to 160C. line pie or quiche dish with pastry and blind bake for 10mins
2. Cook and drain rice
3. Discard tough silver beet stems, chop and lightly steam over medium heat
4, cook pumpkin in a saucepan with a little water until tender, puree and add nutmeg, salt and pepper
5. sprinkle 1 cup of cheese and some mixed herbs over the base of the pie and cover with half of the rice
6. Place silverbeet on rice and add another cup of cheese
7. Cover with pumpkin puree and then with remaining rice
8. Top with tomatoes and remaining cheese and herbs
9. bake for around 35 mins

I havent made this myself but it sounds like it makes a really huge pie

kara101, Nov 16, 1:41am
Sounds yummy.

uli, Nov 16, 3:50am
Nothing to do with the Hunza peoples of course :)

tjman, Nov 16, 4:36am
Google alison holst hunza pie.

davidt4, Nov 16, 4:47am
I dimly remember from the Hippie days of the seventies that "Hunza"was used as an adjective indicating that a dish was regarded as healthy.Probably because the Hunza people were known for longevity.I think it was applied to vegetarian dishes with lots of whole grains.

indy95, Nov 16, 5:13am
This was a staple of many 70's vegetarian cafes.Might be time to re-visit this one.

indy95, Nov 16, 5:13am
This was a staple of many 70's vegetarian cafes.

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