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jellabie, Feb 7, 9:11pm
a friend of mine used to make almond milk by whizzing the almonds in her processor and adding water to it then straining.

You would have to google a recipe for the correct proportions.

I just did . .

how to make almond milk


fruitluva2, Feb 7, 9:33pm
Blended frozen bananas on brown sugar porridge is nice with dried pineapple and apricots added to cooking stage. And yes agree with almond or any nut milk is delish too.

annie642, Feb 8, 4:32am
cream or yoghurt YUM

chirpygirl, Feb 8, 5:11am
Nothing wrong with toby, s porrige made with milk in the microwave

duna1, Feb 8, 6:04am
I like my porridge cooked in milk instead of water with a pinch of salt. When ready to eat I add brown sugar and butter to it.

farrar30, Feb 8, 7:20am
We have chocolate porridge, make a chocolate sprinkle out of cocoa and sugar mixed together. Weird I know but very yummy and yep we have milk with it although I love it with cream! !

sarahb5, Feb 8, 8:10am
I do half milk, half water - I put it in the jug with the oats at night when I go to bed and put the jug in the fridge then cook it in the microwave in the morning - makes it really creamy and then I add a little raw sugar, a little cinnamon

rkcroft, Feb 8, 8:23am
I make my porridge with water and add in cinnamon. Cook in micro then stir in light cottage cheese, flaxseed oil and a scoop of protein powder. The cottage cheese adds more protein content and makes it creamy. I vary the flavour of protein powder every day so I never get sick of it. I love it lots and guess what... . no milk.

clemo, Aug 1, 12:40pm
I have Vanilla yoghurt and blueberries on mine. . YUMMO!

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