Milk on porridge ... yuk ... can't do it ... would Page 1 / 2

survivorr, Jan 18, 8:16am
Really like to hear of alternative ideas, please... .

yahootowers, Jan 18, 8:22am
Do you have to eat porridge ?

pickles7, Jan 18, 8:25am
Do you put sugar on your porridge, if so , how much ? . . soy milk is nice , for a change from , fruit juice. .

1buzemum, Jan 18, 8:41am
Our kids have porridge made with milk, they put milk on their porridge and a Sh! T load of brown sugar

and when the cows are dry (in the winter) they won't eat porridge with shop milk

cathnjim, Jan 18, 9:04am
Try youghurt with porridge, that is if you can have dairy products

davidt4, Jan 18, 9:13am
Butter and salt.

uli, Jan 18, 9:17am
Why milk if you can have cream LOL :)
Why porridge if you can have eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms ...

duckmoon, Jan 18, 10:07am
what makes it yuck? ? ?

The trad thing is cream... Are you avoiding cream, but find milk too thin? ?

Hubby has yoghurt without milk in porridge.

My friend puts diced apple in before cooking.

You could have a banana (see another thread).

mone, Jan 18, 10:15am
The whole idea of porridge is because its full of energy and lowers your cholesterol. Eating it with bacon and egg kinda doesn't go.

kenny17, Jan 18, 10:19am
Porridge with lots of brown sugar and cream freshly separated... ah . . the memories...

buzzy110, Jan 18, 10:40am
Fresh, homemade from scratch, rhubarb and apple pie or blackberry and apple pie and fresh cream from the cow. Cream so thick the spoon could almost stand upright in the billy. Now that brings back memories.

buzzy110, Jan 18, 10:41am
Toss the porridge. Have fresh pie and cream for breakfast. lol

yahootowers, Jan 18, 10:50am
Do you eat pastry buzzy ?

hawthorn11, Jan 18, 10:54am
I make the porridge with water in the microwave then add sliced bananas and cook a little longer and eat it with yoghurt. Yum yum

buzzy110, Jan 18, 10:58am
Just joking.

accroul, Jan 18, 6:31pm
my daughter does not like milk on porridge either - she prefers it when the porridge is made with milk though (as opposed to making it with water). she dosen't have anything else on top of her porridge other than brown sugar.

smchkn, Jan 18, 6:48pm
juicy sultanas and honey

alebix, Jan 18, 10:13pm
I only put a little milk on ours to cool it down a bit, but we have to with fresh fruit and brown sugar.

rarogal, Jan 18, 10:14pm
Oh Kenny that used to be my favourite! ! An old neighbour would bring me the occasional jar of freshly separated cream and I would save it especially for my porridge - and brown sugar of course! ! Not good for the waistline - but great for the taste buds! !

yogideb, Feb 7, 8:27am
Try coconut cream/milk - that might work! Put some sultanas in as well to give it a sweet taste.

cookessentials, Feb 7, 8:29am
Always make porridge with milk. Cook it low and slow, then pop lid on and turn off - next morning, it is deliciously creamy

candice6, Feb 7, 8:53am
i was addicteded to mixed fruit in my porridge yum or just rasins

frances1266, Feb 7, 6:25pm
Banana, maple syrup with soy, rice, oat or almond milk is really nice with porridge.

cookessentials, Feb 7, 6:30pm
If you make it with milk and make it nice and creamy ( use enough milk to do this as the porridge absorbs it) you wont need to add extra milk on top. It needs a good pinch of salt and either brown sugar or golden syrup ( my favourite) drizzled on the top.

calista, Feb 7, 6:31pm
Where do you get, or how do you make almond milk?

I put cinnamon on my porrridge - it helps me to have less sugar. Couldn't find it the other day so I had nutmeg instead - interesting.

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