Best Ever Christmas Cake from Julie

beewee, Apr 21, 12:25am
Hi can you tell me what size your 3 tins are and also what size pineapple tins you used.

valentino, Apr 21, 2:21am
I use the normal 400g cans being the 2 tins... .

If it was the smaller ones, I think she would had noted it and definately not the huge caterers sizes.

Re baking tins, one uses whatever that takes the whole mix/batter, could be 3 similar sizes or two smaller and a larger one or the oven roasting dish size-wise plus a small one, just as long as the batter comes up about 80-90% of the sides remembering that one can add to sides with extended baking paper.

Hopes this helps and just in case Julie is a little bit late in replying.


juliewn, Apr 22, 9:47am
Hi Beewee and Hi Philip. . :-)

Thanks for helping Philip. . I've been away and just catching up with the threads tonight. .

Yes, that's the 400gm can pineapple that I use. .

For baking, I vary the tins according to what I plan to use the cakes for - ie. . a dear friend who is 94 loves these cakes, and I make her one that's about 15cm across - and two others that are about 20cm across. . one is round, the other square. . Other times I'll use three 20cm tins, filling them evenly. .

Other times, two tins - a 25cm tin, and a 20cm tin - filling them higher than when I use three tins.

Any size tin can be used - you could use one very large tin - or even a roasting dish, to use the whole recipe mix. .

I hope this helps. . the cake has been our favourite for almost 21 years and I don't use any other recipe now.

Please ask if I can help further. . :-)

beewee, Apr 22, 10:55am
Hi Juliewn,

When I made this cake I made it in a square very big tin. I cant remember how long I cooked it for but it was about 3 hours I think. I gave it to a lady to ice for me and she said it was far too wet and reckoned she cooked it for about another 4 hours. It was still very moist when I tried it after her icing it, so how come it took so long too cook. I had many compliments about it, I dont care for cake much myself but my mother thinks its the best cake ever. So thanks very much for sharing your recipe.

korbo, Apr 22, 6:22pm
an interesting thread. may i be nosey and ask what cake it is u are talking about, just sounds interesting. and what is with the 400g pinapple tins. . ? ? ? ? just curious... .

beewee, Apr 22, 8:22pm
The cake is in the following thread;- Fruit cake. . searched but I can't find what I want. Just go up to the left hand side and put in Juliewn in the keyword and then go scroll down to anytime and find. It is on the second page

valentino, Apr 22, 10:05pm
The recipe is also at the following link about 3 quarters down the page... php? f=15&t=627

Re cooking time, always use a skewer to check the cookness, just insert it into the cake near the middle then take it out, if it is still moist or wet, keep baking it, if it comes out sticky, allow another 30 minutes or so, if it comes out either clean or slightly moist then it is done as cooling time will complete cook process.

Generally time does vary quite a bit, mainly through oven temp (type of oven one uses) and-or the amount of packing is used, extra time needs to be allowed for this.

Once one has done one or two or three or whatever sizes, then add your own personal times per size on the recipe for your own reference.

Hopes this helps.


valentino, Feb 23, 12:56pm
Generally speaking, tins that have 400g to 440g weights on them from the supermarkets etc. Check the recipe for the general amount ratios of all.