Help, I can't find a recipie for Seafood and Pasta

belindy, Dec 25, 7:00am
Salad, the one with surimi and prawns and - is it seafood dressing from the supermarket? i love to eat it but don't know anyone who can make it. Help very much appreciated... thanks, and Merry Xmas!

smackenzie, Dec 25, 8:43am
Dressing that I use is 250gm sour cream, 250gm mayonaise, juice of one lemon, and a good dollop of sweet chilli sauce (use enough to flavour to taste). Mix all together with surimi, prawns and chopped spring onions.

belindy, Dec 25, 10:06am
Yum, Thanks!

male_timaru, Dec 25, 10:18am
Make your own mayonnaise (if you don't have some already)

250ml (8 portions)

2 egg yolks
2 teaspoons vinegar
salt, ground white pepper & 1/8 teaspoon of English Mustard
250ml olive oil
1 teaspoon boiling water

REMEMBER Mayo will curdle if you a) add oil too quickly, b) oil is too cold, c) sauce is insufficiently whisked or d) yolk of egg is stale and therefore weak

Place yolks, vinegar and seasonings in a bowl and whisk well (with a fork)
Gradually pour on the oil VERY SLOWLY whilst whisking continuously
Add boiling water whilst whisking well
Correct the seasoning

Now you have made your Mayonnaise

Add 3 tablespoons tomato juice (or ketchup if you prefer but definately NOT TINNED SAUCE - it makes it way too tarte and yuck! )
Add 2-3 drops of Worcester sauce

Now you have a perfect Seafood sauce to add to your surimi and prawns (as this is a traditional Prawn cocktail sauce recipe, well one we were taught back in the dinosaur days back in UK)

Let me know how you go


fisher, Dec 25, 11:10pm
Seafood Sauce
For cocktails , crayfish, prawns, surimi, oysters , fish, mussels~ Use store bought or home made aioli
1/2 cup aioli, 1/4 cup tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, 1/4 cup cream horseradish, zest of 1 lime & 1 lemon, salt and pepper. .
Mix all well together and cover. Will store in fridge for a week...

nettie14, Jul 11, 9:49am
Easy Seafood Sauce - 5 Tbsp condensed milk, 1 Tbsp tomato sauce, 1Tbsp worchester sauce, 1Tbsp lemon juice. Nice over pasta shells with seafood.

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