Is there a cocoa shortage?

sarahb5, Nov 3, 3:49am
Just sent hubby out to get some - either Homebrand or Pams - and he went to 3 Countdowns, a New World and Pak n Save before he found some at the fourth Countdown

uli, Nov 3, 5:07am

uli, Nov 3, 5:08am

gardie, Nov 3, 5:25am
Don't tell anyone else then until I go to the supermarket and stock up!

vampiriousmist, Nov 3, 5:26am
Hmmm . .May have to stock up too then . I bake at least once every week and I have just run out :(

sarahb5, Nov 3, 5:52am
Actually it looks like he only found Pams - it's OK but not as dark and chocolatey as Homebrand

jenniferanne, Nov 3, 6:27am
Thought so because it became wayyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive

kinna54, Nov 3, 6:38am
Is he looking in the right countdownhomebrand cocoa is in with the tea and coffee aisle.

pickles7, Nov 3, 8:38am
There was a warning out a year ago that the production of cocoa, is not keeping up with demand, let alone a down turn in the crop, due to nature.

rumpelstiltskin, Nov 3, 8:33pm
Have been searching unsuccessfully in Wgtn last few weeks for Homebrand cocoa. Signs on the shelves in various Countdowns indicate it is " temporarily" out of stock. I live in hope that it's not permanent! Anyone spotted any recently! (And if so, where!!)

george557, Nov 3, 8:48pm
just started packing off 400 grm packs of sunvalley cocoain clear pouchsand in shops now .ie pak &save

rikimeyer, Nov 3, 9:11pm
Not sure how it would affect us. but a year or two ago one company/personbought all of Europe's cocoa in one foul swoop.

sarahb5, Nov 3, 9:27pm
Yes I told him that, and Miss 21 was there to supervise

245sam, Nov 4, 11:41am
Not in all Countdown supermarkets - we were in one of our Christchurch Countdowns Sunday afternoon and the cocoa was amongst the baking items and there was plenty of Cadbury cocoa but only 3 packets of Homebrand cocoa - we left one for someone else.:-))

sarahb5, Nov 4, 8:08pm
I think he would've looked in both aisles.I just had a look online at Countdown and they don't even have the Homebrand online.I will keep looking though because it's the best I've found - Pam's is OK (better than Cadbury at least) but not as dark as Homebrand.

sikofstuf, Nov 5, 8:21am
I emailed them a week ago, as all our countdowns have been out for a few weeks; the lady who answered said they hope to have the home brand one back by early December ;-), Nov 5, 9:19am
I bought some Pams cocoa in a tub a few days ago from NW, come to think of it there wasn't much choice.

hoddy13, Nov 6, 6:22am
pams or homebrand cocoa is better than cadburys.
dident know there was a shortage

sarahb5, Nov 6, 10:05am
Which is what I wanted - Homebrand is sold out in all of our Countdowns and online so got Pams but not as dark or chocolatey

willyow, Nov 6, 6:10pm
Maybe Homebrand just got their supply chain stuffed up - there is no shortage at the moment if you import it.

uli, Nov 7, 4:33am
Do you import cocoa directly from overseas willyow - rather than buying it from a wholesaler in NZ!

vampiriousmist, Nov 7, 11:22pm
I just bought Sunvalley cocoa, nohomebrand on the shelves at my countdown either

brisgirl, Nov 8, 6:29am
I thought the same yesterday, there wasn't alot of choice.Ended up with Pam's.Will see what it is like when I do the baking on Sunday

chooky, Nov 8, 8:35am
New World Whangarei had 3 different brands on the shelve, no shortage there.

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