Highlander caramel condensed milk

justdelite, Oct 29, 12:35am
Help is there anything else I can make with this other than banofee pie and the muffins!

bambi58, Oct 29, 12:40am
Chocolate caramel slice -
I think there's a recipe sonewhere here. Instead of cooking the condensed mild/golden syrup/butter mix for the filling, just cook the carmel condenced milk with the butter.
Works okay, but I still prefer the ordinary condensed milk, better flavour IMO.

jessie981, Oct 29, 1:23am
Can freeze

jessie981, Oct 29, 1:23am
Can freeze. Recipes in lefthand message board under keyword, put caramel condensed milk. Under date posted put last year. All sorts, ice cream, cakes etc

bridget107, Oct 29, 1:57am

bridget107, Oct 29, 1:57am

justdelite, Oct 29, 2:47am
Thanks heaps ! x

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