Highlander Condensed Milk

matuq, Oct 27, 6:37pm
Salad dressing.Has anyone frozen this successfully!I know it keeps for a while in the fridge but I just thought I'd try freezing it to see what it's like when thawed.

debsaid, Oct 27, 6:59pm
Yes i freeze what i have left, same with the caramel one as well, freezes fine. :-)

matuq, Oct 27, 7:08pm
Great!Thx.Just what I wanted to hear.:o)

245sam, Oct 27, 7:31pm
debsaid, a point of clarification please - have you actually frozen the salad dressing made with sweetened condensed milk which is actually what matuq was wanting to know, or is it the leftover sweetened condensed milk that you, like many others, have frozen!:-))

buzzy110, Oct 27, 10:27pm
Maybe you can experiment and let everyone know the answer.

On another note I wonder if you would like to do another experiment. Just keep it in a sealed jar in the back of your fridge and see how long it takes to go off, become unpalatable either visually, texturally or taste-wise or grow mould. That would be really interesting. I don't make it myself so cannot conduct either experiment.

cgvl, Oct 27, 10:39pm
I have had it sitting in fridge for about 6 months over winter and its been fine. No smell other than what should be there. Did not grow mould either.
It is made with vinegar which I am led to believe is a preservative, otherwise how do pickles etc keep so well.

wheelz, Oct 27, 10:42pm
My condensed milk dressing lasts fine in the fridge, on occasions has been there for over 6 months, still usable. I have frozen condensed milk, it doesn't freeze solid, still pourable, although thicker.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 11:24pm
Mmm. That is exactly what I thought would happen. It is not just the vinegar that is preserving it. It also contains a huge amount of sugar which is another preservative. And then there is the treatment of the milk itself.

matuq, Nov 4, 5:36am
Well I've discovered the Highlander dressing freezes about the same as ice cream.Just going to thaw some out for tomorrow.

jessie981, Nov 4, 8:46am
Put Caramel & Plain Condensed Milk in freezer, but kept Salad dressing in fridge for a year & still ok.

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