care to share your yummiest potato bake recipe

mumto3, Feb 8, 3:29am
pretty please

datoofairy, Feb 8, 3:37am
I'vejust put one in the oven.
I made a thick cheese sauce, with tasty cheese, and added garlic and onions. Then in a buttered casserole dish I put a layer of sliced potatoes, strips of bacon (you wouldnt have to use the bacon as well) and a thin layer of the sauce. I repeated this 3 times. When its cooked through I will take the lid off, add more grated cheese and grill to make it brown and crispy.
We had this last week and Miss 9 and I both loved it.

packergirl, Feb 8, 3:38am
I dice my potatos not to small and not to big a sml bottle of cream and a maggi soup sachet pumpkin and garlic you can use anyone I just think thats got a nice favour mix those together and pour over potatos I also like to cover the dish and just before servicing take tin foil off and let the top brown a bit its yummmmmmmm

goldgurl, Feb 8, 3:39am
Maggi 'creamy seafood' soup mix - make as per packet instuctions - set aside.

Cook potatoes (and kumara if you like) - allow to cool.

Grate LOTS of cheese.

Then, in an oven proof dish:

Layer slice of potato - layer of soup - layer of chese


Sprinkle top with cheese & breadcrumbs - bake until reaheated and cheese topping is nice and browned :)

That is my 'basic' version, I've also added layers of surimi, or browned bacon, or steamed mixed vege... whatever you feel like really :)

vinee, Feb 8, 5:12am
Hot potato salad (not a bake as such)

Boil diced spuds until cooked then toss through sourcream mixed with some vinegrette and some bacon.

You can do ahead of time and then warm thru in the oven - then it would be a bake!

dufflecoat, Feb 8, 5:37am
What a great idea vinee that sounds sooo yummy

vinee, Feb 8, 6:09am
I think it came from a german cookbook. I've been eating it since a kid!
I'm not fond of the cheese, cheese, cheese! that most recipes have.

haulier, Feb 8, 7:56am
layers of sliced potato and sliced onion. Sprinkle over a maggi onion soup mix pour over a small bottle of cream. Sprinkle with grated cheese and diced bacon. put in oven till potatoes are cooked and cheese golden brown. Had this for tea onight. Delicious

gysmo1, Feb 8, 8:50am
I do the same but use creme of chicken soup sachet and some garlic salt - Devine!

waswoods, Feb 8, 9:03am
Layer of potatoes, layer of pumkin, layer of silverbeet (spinach) and keep layering until finished. Pour over a bottle or two of cream mixed with some salt and garlic. Cover and bake until cooked then just grill the top - can add cheese

clemo, Feb 8, 9:10am
I use a can of light evaporated milk and a packet of soup mix (whatever flavour) whisked together. Top with a little grated cheese. I do this with kumara, but would be just as delish with potato! (or a combination of both! )

ruby19, Feb 9, 1:01am
about 4-5 large potatoes cooked until tender then cooled & sliced. slice 1 large onion and cook gently in 50g butter until golden, add 2 cups milk, tsp mustard powder, and tsp salt. stir, and bring to boil add 1 heaped tbsp cornflour into couple tbs milk, mix well and add to heated milk and stir until thickened, add 1 cup grated cheese. add Potatoes to an oven proof dish and por over the cheese sauce, cook in 180oC oven until golden approx 20 - 30 min.
Another yum way to eat spuds is to boil until almost tender, drain and immediately add a paste of crushed garlic, salt, rosemary and olive oil, coat potatoes in this and let cool slightly, then add to a hot oven and cook until golden, about 15 mins. Really nice with agria potatoes, but also works well with new potatoes.

nzsweetie, Feb 9, 1:37am
I have the most amazing one, but if i told you i will have to kill you! ! It is truly scrummy and every one that has had it has tried to make it like me but has failed.

If i get time i will post after work lol

mary-poppins, Feb 9, 2:00am
silly question... . but do you have to use cream or will milk do? ? ? im not a cream person and the other half has to cut down on all the good things in life :)

thuntzster, Feb 9, 6:02am
Oh go on nzsweetie-will always give you credit if its a success... ...

davidt4, Feb 9, 6:32am
Try using homemade chicken stock instead of cream. Add a few cloves of garlic thinly sliced, a fresh bay leaf if you have any, plenty of salt and pepper and grate some parmesan over the top. This makes lovely light gratin with a pure clean flavourand it goes well with almost anything.

cottagerose, Feb 21, 4:11am
maggi leek and potato soup with cream or milk is nice too

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