Corn Syrup?

nik95, Oct 8, 9:50pm
Where can I buy it from!I live in Christchurch.Thanks

flutterby08, Oct 8, 9:52pm
You can't - but golden syrup has the same fructose/sucrose composition and can be used as a substitute. The flavour is different though.

nik95, Oct 8, 9:54pm
Maybe someone should bring it in and sell it on trademe. lol

nik95, Oct 8, 9:55pm
They are selling it here.

flutterby08, Oct 8, 9:56pm
Yuck, why!

smiggles15, Oct 8, 10:35pm
Some supermarkets may have it, I have seen it up here in Countdown. Try Spotlight too or a specialist cake decorating shop. If all else fails, you can buy in on TradeMe - from a store in Hastings. I'll post a link in a tick.

Ps: don't use golden syrup, totally wrong - try creamed style honey instead.

aly5, Oct 8, 10:38pm
I don't have a problem buying corn syrup.But it has been a while since I bought it so I'm can't remember which supermarket I buy it at - but I'm sure it's at New World. It's a clear liquid, normally top shelf near the artificial sweetners or near the treacle/golden syrups. Sometimes it is in a plastic jar, or there is an asian brand in a bottle.

smiggles15, Oct 8, 10:40pm

smiggles15, Oct 8, 10:42pm

digger148, Oct 8, 10:43pm
your local homebrew shop will stock it.

babytears, Oct 8, 11:14pm
I got mine from New World - in the international section of the supermarket. best to ring before you head in.

icequeen2, Oct 9, 8:15am
Countdown sells it in the baking needs isle, with the food colouring etc.

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