so is vinegar an acid?

wrinkley, Apr 19, 2:05am
i love to pour a plate of malt finegar and dunk my chippies in it. love it lots but after a bag dunked in ii get a sore mouth and tummy. must be doing some kind of damage...

bin-boy-lin, Apr 19, 2:19am


jubli, Apr 19, 2:51am
acetic acid

natalie9, Apr 19, 2:59am
Apparently it helps break down the fat in the chips according to my 'Vinegar' book... but chippies aren't chippies without vinegar!

purplegoanna, Apr 19, 3:00am
yip next time you have chicken bones leave them in brown vinegar and watch the bone loose its hardness!

wrinkley, Apr 19, 3:08am
chippies from the pack. but hot chips too yum yum

natalie9, Apr 19, 3:18am
LOL potato chippies dipped in vinegar! ! ! You're not english are you?, Apr 19, 3:19am
its very good for leaching calcium out of bones when making bone broth... and yes. . my chicken bones are all floppy and easy to mash with your fingers once I have made a batch of bone broth with them a splash of apple cider vinegar and 5 hours later and you've got very brittle bones in the pot. . but all the calcium in the broth!

mottly, Apr 19, 3:23am
but cider vinegar neutralises tomato acids - so wouldn't that make it alkaline? ? ?, Apr 19, 3:36am
ACV has a PH on average of 5/6

"A pH of 7. 0 is neutral. A pH below 7. 0 is acidic. A pH above 7. 0 is alkaline. "

But just because its an acid does not mean it acts that way in the body. . AVC is actually alkalizing once ingested.

joybells63, Apr 19, 3:43am
Certainly not letting hubby have any then... . blow that !, Apr 19, 3:59am
You let your hubby soak his skeleton in it? theres no harm eating it as I have already pointed out its alkalizing in the body not the other way around.

hezwez, Apr 19, 6:02am
Tut tut Joy

rog.e, Apr 19, 6:16am
In the mouth it leaches the calcium from our teeth if we use too much. No idea what roo much is.

Same as dentists saying children (and adults( should notdfrink muchs of fruit drinks. Too acid and leeches the dentine of th teeth

rog.e, Apr 19, 6:27am
That deletion was an accident.

The acid in vinegar will leech the calciunm out of the teeth just as it does from the chicken bones.

Fruit drinks are acid and leach the dentie off childrens teeth really

wrinkley, Apr 19, 7:48am
teeth, true, i never thought of that. i dont have the greatest teeth either but have had so much vinegar in my life its not funny. raw spuds in it are yum too

beaker59, Mar 16, 6:50pm
Most fruit and veg are acidic, sugar certainly is.

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