Revive vegetarian cafe Auck CBD- who's been there?

seasiders, Oct 7, 11:23pm
I found there website online and have registered for emails. It looks so yummy, we are heading up in Nov and hope to go - is it as mouthwatering as it looks! any other good eating places you can reccommend in the cbd! - i realise there will be heaps to choose from, but wont know where to start (0n a budget lol)

mattdylan, Oct 8, 12:24am
Go there all the time! It's excellent food and so healthy, you will love the salad cabinet it's so vibrant and fresh - they also have their recipe book out so you can make the recipes at home

zirconium, Oct 8, 12:50am
Most of their stuff is vegetarian, and dairy and gluten free, I've been there a couple of times with my GF brother, and his DF girlfriend. Very nice food, reasonable prices. :)

earthangel4, Oct 8, 12:52am
There second book is out now.
I bought the first book,and hope to get there second book shortly.

seasiders, Oct 8, 1:30am
Thanks guys! I have seen the books advertised in the emails i receive. Would love to get them! My daughter (13) is vegetarian so she is looking forward to going to revive too, and we are staying in the CBD so hopefully we will have more than one visit there!

Just got a deal off groupontoday for cheap coffees at NO1 Queen st cafe, $10 for 10 regular hot drinks (limit 2 drinks per day) thought that was pretty good!

herself, Oct 8, 5:31am
Lots of delicious Revive recipes are on this site

ruby19, Oct 8, 5:52am
Wow have bookmarked that site the recipes look really good.

holly-rocks, Oct 8, 5:57am
Same! Awesome site, thanks for posting 'herself':)

herself, Oct 8, 8:07am
It's a terrific site isn't it.My favourite recipe is the Thai Pumpkin and Ginger Curry with Tofu and Spinach - just delicious!

frances1266, Oct 8, 8:22am
Ihave been to Revive and enjoyed my meal there.Have heard Basilicum in Elliot Stables in Elliot Street is good.Havent been there myself but have had good reports about it.

mattdylan, Oct 8, 8:39pm
Just be aware I don't think Revive are open on weekends

frances1266, Oct 8, 10:15pm
That site is excellent, thanks.

seasiders, Oct 10, 10:25am
Thanks! How do I tell which recipes on that site are the Revive Cafe's ones! Would be interesting to know :)

245sam, Oct 10, 11:33am
seasiders, on the link that herself posted have a look at the pictures for the recipes for, amongst many many others.Stuffed Peppers, Fruit Kebabs, Date Puree, Muesli Smoothie, Seedy Beetrool & Carrot Salad - you should be able to see that those recipes have the name of the recipe in the actual picture and IMO that is how you could recognise them as the Revive Cafe recipes without even needing to look at the actual recipe; but when you do look at the recipe, or any of the others, their source is acknowledged on the actual recipe page.

Hope that helps.:-))

245sam, Oct 10, 12:47pm
seasiders, I've had a look well through the large choice of recipes on that website and those that are further down on the website page all have the recipe title in the picture but don't necessarily have the acknowledgement of Revive Cafe although some that don't are definitely from there because they're in the Cafe's first book.:-))

cookessentials, Oct 10, 8:43pm
I have their cookbook and have made a number of dishes from there which we love. I will probably get their new one too

seasiders, Oct 10, 11:28pm
Thanks guys, Im hoping they will get the books in at the local library so I can have a good drool lol