An apple cider vinegar question.

nzldave, Sep 13, 11:04am
Some time ago I pickled some baby beetroots in cider vinegar (amongst other things). Today I fished out a couple for a sandwich and also fished out a sizeable piece of slimy stuff. Would this be what is called a mother that is used in making your own apple cider vinegar ! If I put it in apple juice would it likely turn into cider vinegar !I'd appreciate any advice. Cheers.

pickles7, Sep 13, 12:04pm
Take a look in here.
My first lot of wine vinegar, will be helpful its at the bottom of the page.

pickles7, Oct 6, 9:43pm
nzldave.did you ever have a go at making your own vinegar !.

buzzy110, Oct 7, 3:03am
To turn apple juice into vinegar it first needs to be fermented into alcohol/cider then left open to the air to turn it into vinegar. You could probably add the mother to the cider if you want but if the cider hasn't been pasteurised, it will, more than likely, grow its own mother., Oct 7, 4:20am
Sounds like the 'mother' you are describing. Sorry don't know whether you can turn juice into vinegar with it though as most juice has been pasteurised.

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