What's a good, crisp not too sweet cider ?

zak410, Feb 9, 2:55am
I really like good crisp cider. What a find is too sweet.

Does anyone here know of a good cider brand(s) for me to try ? Cheers.

buzzy110, Feb 9, 3:22am
Moa Rhubarb. The absolute best.

dibble35, Feb 9, 3:30am
I dont like cider to much, but I tried a Sommersby cider a little while ago, it was very good and i've been buying it since then on the odd occasion I want a drink.

zak410, Feb 9, 4:02am
Thanks, didn't know about them, will try them for sure.

Any others ?

valentino, Feb 9, 4:47am
Brew your own, far nicer and more economical.


kay141, Feb 9, 4:58am
I'd be interested as well. I like to use cider for cooking but as I haven't found a dry one yet, I add apple cider vinegar to either apple juice or cider.

swm00, Feb 9, 5:00am
Speights Apple Cider is the crispist one I have found. Love it! Don't like a sweet cider at all.

holly-rocks, Feb 9, 6:00am
Old Mout used to be a fav as it was dry ( the orgional one in the plastic bottle) ,but I prefer Honesty box over it now. They have quite a few different types but I like the Braeburn one the best.
They are found in the chiller section at the supermarket and in a quite big can.

There are so many different types of ciders on the market and most are super sweet and just taste like lollie water. Maybe their demographics are 18 year old females!

cgvl, Feb 9, 6:13am
Old Testament is one I like, I don't find it sweet, can't tolerate the mixed ones they are far too sweet. Used to like Rekorderig but they only have flavoured stuff so no longer buy. Have magners in fridge which is good too.
Pear or Perry can be a bit sweet and it does depend on what apple are used as well.

zak410, Feb 10, 12:24am
Thank you all, what a great list; that will keep me testing for a while.

strowan1, Feb 10, 2:19am
This one for us as well. Delicious ice cold on a warm evening.

marcs, Oct 26, 11:01am
According to hubby Sommersby if you just want something general from the bottle store.

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