what can i cook using creme eggs? have heaps lol

missmad, Apr 18, 10:26am
got about 60 creme eggs here and thought someone may have some sort of yummy recipie that i may be able to use to get rid of some, also anyone have the recipie for that mars bar slice thingie?

abbey_magick, Apr 18, 12:46pm
If they are the ones made in the UK, take red, black and white paint and paint on a wall a large target. Stand around 30 meters back and load them into a homemade spud gun.

Ready, Aim, Fire! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

julzienz, Apr 18, 12:48pm
You could try making mars bar slice... but with creme eggs instead of the mars bars. Mmm.

goldgurl, Apr 18, 9:00pm
throw them in the freezer and treat yaself now and then Mmmmm...

540trickzter, Apr 18, 10:46pm
Creme Egg Muffins!

susieq9, Apr 18, 11:50pm
When you make muffins put one into the centre of each muffin before you cook it. Nice surprise. Wouln't really matter what flavor muffins.

southerngurl, Apr 19, 12:47am
there was a link the otherday to why americans are fat, and it had pics on it of Creme egg muffins *drools*

missmad, Apr 19, 12:52am
now i know creme eggs are not huge but still would be ratyher big as a muffin centre yeah? unless you were doing great big texas ones and i only have a standard pan, spose i could halve them? anyone have the mars bar slice recipie please then? also not sure where these ones are made but they are nice so i no complain!

daleaway, Apr 19, 1:17am
Food bank would be glad of them.

buzzy110, Apr 19, 1:22am
Excellent ideas here.

First take a wonderful healthy food like chocolate made with chemically refined and hydrogenated palm oil taken from orchards which have contributed to the shrinking of the forest habitat of many endangered species. Next fill it with a hydrogenated, sweetened, coloured, preservative filling. Pop it into the middle of another wonderful healthy phytate, gluten and anti-nutrient rich flour and sugar concoction and cook it all together. I guess you are all recommending this because most love and enjoy that exhilaration that one gets when reeling from nausea.

And what's better than being able to give your children something to reminisce about in years to come? They'll laugh like drains when remembering mum's creme egg, muffin concoction. I wish I had a store of memories like this. I often make my mother-in-law's cooking the butt of my jokes, but it would be special if I could make some about my own mother's cooking.

theanimal1, Apr 19, 2:06am
marsbar slice
3 cups rice bubbles 3 x 60g Mars bars, chopped 75g Butter 1 tbs Golden Syrup 150g Dark Cooking Chocolate, chopped Place chopped Mars bars in a heatproof bowl with butter and golden syrup. Microwave on high for about 1 1/2 minutes or until Mars bars are melted. Mix until smooth. Stir in rice bubbles and press mixture firmly into a greased foil-lined 20cm square cake tin. Place in refrigerator until firm. Place chocolate pieces in a heatproof bowl. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes, or until melted. Stir until smooth. Spread over slice and refrigerate until firm. Remove slice from refrigerator about 1 hour before cutting into squares with a warm knife.

julzienz, Apr 19, 2:10am
Hm, I've never used golden syrup or the cooking chocolate before. Just chopped up and melted the bars in the mic with about 50g butter, then stirred through the 3 cups of rice bubbles.

buzzy110, Apr 19, 6:11am
"In the Fat" as the Scots are so keen at ordering at the local chippie. Apparently if it can be dunked in batter and remain intact it can be battered and deep fried.

So let me know how this turns out for you.

poppy62, Apr 19, 6:46am
Melt them and use them as a sauce over icecream. yummy!

lilyfield, Apr 19, 6:57am
that looks like the best recipe yet

bedazzledjewels, Apr 19, 7:32am
Sell them on TM! Lol Buzzy!

buzzy110, Apr 19, 9:17pm
I have been thinking about this and I really think that none of the recipes have been truly awesome. So I have made one up using a recipe I posted in another thread. the reason this is more awsome than any other suggestion you are ever likely to get is because this one has sweetened condensed milk in it and that always makes the most awesomest food:

buzzy110, Apr 19, 9:31pm

For the base -
185g (1½cups) crushed, plain Chocolate Biscuits
90g Butter - melted
500g Cream Cheese - softened
The filling:
400g can Sweetened Condensed Milk
200g (1 & 1/3cups) White Chocolate Melts - melted
300mls Cream
1 Tblspn Gelatine & ¼cup boiling Water
100g (2/3 cup) Dark Chocolate Melts
15 small or 8 large Creme Eggs

1. Combine biscuit crumbs and butter. Press into base of 23cm springform pan. refrigerate until firm.
The filling:
2. Put gelatine into a cup with a little bit of water to soften
3. Beat Cream Cheese and Sweetened Condensed Milk until smooth. Beat in melted White Chocolate. Then beat in Cream.
4. Combine softened gelatine and boiling Water and still until dissolved. Beat this into the cheesecake mixture.
5. Spoon half the mixtureover the crumb crust
6. Press the Creme Eggs over the filling. If using large Creme Eggs than arrange around the tin so that there is one egg per serving . If using the small Creme Eggs just arrange attractively
7. Swirl the melted Dark Chocolate through the remainder of the cheesecake mixture and pour/spread over the base to cover the eggs. Some eggs may remain a bit proud of the filling but this only adds to the visual appeal.
8. Refrigerate till firm.

Serve with whipped cream sprinkled with small red and white marshmallows to make it extra special.

This recipe was submitted exclusively for TRADE ME - RECIPES messageboard which anyone can come and visit anytime just log onto:
then click Community and you will be rewarded with many headings to choose from.

gilligee, Apr 21, 12:34am
Throw them in the rubbish bin.

lisa7, Apr 21, 4:43am

lilmizztrbl, Apr 24, 7:18am
Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

Sliced doughnuts topped with brownie mix, melted Cadbury Creme Eggs and frosting, garnished with red sprinkles and served with fried pound cake chunks.

Stolen from http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/page/4

chanmac, Mar 31, 4:54pm
melt them in a pot add rice bubbles and turn them into chocolate crackles. . the same way you do with mars bars. . big and little kids will love them.

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