Curry Sauce.

hotandcold13, Apr 18, 2:16am
I want to make a Curry Seafood tonite but dont a have a Recipe for this, Does anybody have a great , Easy Recipe that I can make, also what can I have with this Seafood.

fisher, Apr 18, 2:49am
See this thread... "Crockpot seafood chowder"

fisher, Apr 18, 2:53am
Be nice to boil some rice with turmeric for colour and then add some peas mixed through... Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil lid on. . add your frozen peas (quick wash to remove ice), place the lid on again and turn element OFF. . leave on stove top and they will be ready when you are:}}

hotandcold13, Feb 10, 11:01am
Thanks... Will try it tonightfor Dinner. As Im not a good cook This Recipe sounds great to me.

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