Christmas ( Fudge Balls )

willman, Sep 22, 8:02pm
Had a nice recipe ,but cannot find it.The balls are made from chocolate fudge slice and has brandy or rum added to it and made into balls and rolled in coconut.
Any recipes would be great, please.Thanks very much.

kassie48, Sep 22, 9:27pm
Pop into lefthand messageboard, under keyword put Chocolate Fudge Balls, under date posted put last year. there are recipes there. Enjoy.

willman, Sep 23, 2:50am
Thanks kassie48:

I'm sure it could have been the Alison Holst,one I was after and found under ' Truffles '.Printed it off.

craigen, Sep 23, 5:42am
I was reading on in the hospital waiting room last week. Consisted of a christmas pudding that you crumbled and added melted butter .normal story at hospital you get called and walk out with the reciepe any one able to enlighten me!Any help would be most appreciated.

rosiemoodle, Sep 23, 9:09am
google christmas pudding truffles Jo Seager there is a recipe on her website

willman, Sep 24, 7:12am
Thanks,rosiemoodle,will take a look at that.

unknowndisorder, Sep 24, 7:24am
sleyle wrote:
Sorry guys, I meant sweet treats, not savoury.

That's even easier.
Christmas pudding truffles; Ingredients

* 125g best-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped
* 350g leftover, or freshly cooked and cooled, Christmas pudding
* 60ml sherry
* 2 x 15ml tablespoons golden syrup
line baking sheet with clingfilm or foil. melt the dark chocolate.crumble the pudding and mix in a bowl with the sherry and golden syrup. stir then add the melted chocolate.
compact these ingredients together then shape into mini puddings. melt white chocolate and spoon on top. then decorate with red and green glacé cherries
nigella christmas cookery book I made these last night within about 15 mins - just rolled in sifted cocoa powder to make it quicker.

Sophie Grey's hazelnut chocolates can be cut into small squares : See the thread entitiled Show us your christmas treats (or something similar).

Lots of other sweet treats on here - check out desserts in the search function on the left. Peanut butter truffles, mint slice truffles to name just two.

gardie (397 )8:22 pm, Mon 12 Dec #7

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