Bread maker. no oil

thq, Sep 7, 11:53pm
is there anythink i could use till i get some oil! thanks

pamellie, Sep 8, 12:04am

kateley, Sep 8, 12:12am
I don't even put the oil in anymore, still comes out fine.But can use an equal amount of butter if you like

rotty, Sep 8, 12:25am
You can use any 'fat', so butter or marg would work just as well (according to my break maker's manual, anyway)

lilyfield, Sep 8, 1:07am
Go without-not needed

korbo, Sep 8, 3:40am
I have used garlic margarine before, and added a chopped onion.

buzzy110, Sep 8, 4:24am
I like oil in my bread. It helps make the bread a softer/fluffy and assists in its keeping qualities. It doesn't really matter if you are going to eat the bread asap but ours keeps fresh for up to 5 days only if I use the oil. Note: this may be different with machine made breads. I have only ever made mine by hand and I've only ever used wild yeast, rather than commercial yeast.

thq, Sep 8, 5:05am
5 Days! mine lucky if it last 5 mins!
I will give it ago with butter see how it goes.thanks :)

malcovy, Sep 8, 5:20am
A little mashed potato works wonders for keeping bread soft for a couple of days but in our house it is gone in a flash when the kids are home at Christmas.

sarahb5, Sep 8, 9:16am
I use lecithin instead of oil in my "savoury" bread as it seems to keep better but for fruit bread I use butter anyway

buzzy110, Sep 9, 3:18am
We are not big bread eaters in this household.

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