Custard Slice (probably Alison Holst recipe).

peterg1, Sep 1, 11:34pm
Found a recipe in the paper for a custard slice a few weeks ago and made it. It was Beyond Delicious. and I have lost the recipe. Does anyone have it, please. The ratio of custard powder to milk was just right and the family are screaming for me to make it again. Many thanks in advance!

gjnalm, Sep 2, 12:56am
**lurking** sounds good

rozke, Sep 2, 5:36am
does Alison have a website!

hibiscuscoast1, Sep 2, 5:44am
Do you recall what paper it was in! . as it maybe online. Hope so,i want the receipe too now :)

245sam, Sep 2, 7:14am
yes, Alison and Simon Holst do have a website:

however I didn't find a recipe for Custard Slice there.:-))

kiwinanny, Sep 2, 7:42am
I do, I do.
Was it the recipe out of the Dom Post Life paper!

peterg1, Sep 2, 8:09am
Yes kiwinanny, I am almost certain it was the Dom post. If you have it I will be stoked!
Thanks in anticipation.

kiwinanny, Sep 2, 8:22am
200g flakey pastry
half cup custard powder
quarter cup brown sugar
2and a quarter cups milk
2 large eggs
half teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup icing sugar
2 teaspoons soft butter
quarter teaspoon vanilla essence
water or lemon juice to mix

Do u need the instructions too!

pasilika, Sep 2, 8:35am
Hi kiwinanny, just joined the thread.would you mind posting the instructions.I'd love to try this. I love custard squares/slices.peterg1 has got me intrigued with how good this recipe is .I have to try it myselfnow :-)

kiwinanny, Sep 2, 8:51am
Ok, pasilika here it is.Its a novel. lol

Heat oven to 200 degrees with the rack just below middle of oven. Line the base and sides of a loose bottomed square 20 or 23 cm baking tin with baking paper.
To make the base, roll out the pastry thinly to make 2 squares each about 2cm bigger than the pan (they shrink a bit as they cook). Prick the pastry evenly all over. Place the 2 pastry squares on an oven slide and bake for 7-8 minutes or until golden brown on both sides. Trim the cooked squares of pastry to fit the loose bottomed baking pan. Place one square in it.
For the filling,mix together the custard powder and brown sugar in a heavy bottomed medium sized saucepan. Add the milk and stir until well combined but not foamy. Cook gently over low heat for 2-3 minutes until custard thickens. Next, whisk in the beaten (but not foamy) eggs and the vanilla. Continue to heat, stirring constantly until the custard thickens, then pour it evenly over the pastry in the pan. Cover the hot custard with the other pastry layer immediately. refrigerate until cold.
to make the icing, mix icing sugar, butter and vanilla essence in a bowl. Stir in small amounts of warm water or lemon juice) until u get the icing of spreadable consistency. Ice the top layer of pastry and leave it to set. Cut into 16 squares using a sharp knife. serve from the refrigerator. Store in refrigerator and eat within 2 days.

kiwinanny, Sep 2, 8:53am
Bugga, after all my typing, I was beaten to the

peterg1, Sep 2, 9:26am
Thank you so much kiwinanny! My grandkids will be delighted!

pasilika, Sep 2, 9:27am
lol. thank you kiwinanny (and taurus2005). i wil certainly try and will report back - really appreciate your time :-) Have an AWESOME week :-)

gjnalm, Sep 2, 9:34am
Thanks for taking the time to make others happy :) good food =good times

taurus2005, Sep 2, 8:18pm
Does it take long to make!Looks like a long process. thnx

griffo4, Sep 2, 9:29pm
Taurus and kiwinanny is it the same recipe as the brown sugar and custard powder measurements are different!

taurus2005, Sep 2, 9:46pm
Not sure about that, I just googled the recipe and found it but have not made it myself.

245sam, Sep 2, 10:29pm
I have now found the Custard Square recipe in Alison's book "Alison Holst Kitchen Diary Collection" so here are the ingredients as in the book.
For 16 squares:
about 200g flaky pastry
½ cup vanilla custard powder
¼ cup brown sugar
600 ml (1 bottle) of milk
2 eggs
½ tsp vanilla
1 cup icing sugar
2 tsp soft butter
¼ tsp vanilla
water to mix

Hope that helps.:-))

griffo4, Sep 3, 1:52am
Thank you so much 245sam l love this so will be making it with real raw farm milk

peterg1, Sep 3, 7:50am
Its very quick to make. I keep ready rolled puff pastry in the freezer and the filling is juststirred till it thickens in a saucepan and poured onto the pastry. How easy is that!

dgriffnz, Sep 4, 9:56am
My mum made custard squares once and used cream crackers for bottom and top; they were fantastic!

griffo4, Sep 11, 10:47pm
OMG the real thing finally, after trying so many tasteless stored bought ones l can now make my own so lovely
Thanks for posting

fruitbat, Sep 11, 10:53pm
That is my quest in life! To find the ultimate custard square.

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